New Age Yacht Finishes

Discussion in 'Materials' started by grady, Feb 26, 2017.

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    grady Novice

    Hi all, I'm starting this tread to discuss the merit of the high end yacht finishes on the market today.

    I have some limited experience with the Awlgrip line of products and have use them with relative success. But I'm hearing rumblings that formula changes have left them scrambling for 2nd or 3rd place in market share. Please share any info on this story line.......

    I'm doing my due diligence researching the best product for my needs. At this point if Awlgrip was even close I would go back to them for several reasons. Not the least of which is formiluality, with products, suppliers and application techniques.

    My next choice, all things being equal would be Alexseal.....any thoughts??

    I'll let this first post settle before getting into details.....

    Thanks for listening

    Tony G.

    Here's a link to my research for my last project
  2. grady
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    grady Novice interest I guess.
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    Sorry mate, I'm only familiar with the All-Bran Challenge, not the Awl-Grip one.

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    The latest generation of urethane acrylics are starting to show up. These appear to be much better than the older stuff and comparable to solvent based LPU's. I'm getting ready to test Pettit's new series of varnishes, which dry quickly and lay down really nice.

    When trying to make choices about these products, the best advice is to stick with what you know or perform the tests, which is a pain in the butt, though a good way to find a new product. A quart of product is a lot of tests and you can really find out, what works best for your application, for not a lot of money. A more comprehensive approuch is several different quarts of product, but this is when the fun starts. Most will perform as expected, but you'll also have one or two at each end of the scale, some performing better and others worse, making the decision process more refined.
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