New 3D Model Built with DelftShip and 3DS Max

Discussion in 'Software' started by vislaw, Sep 15, 2010.

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    vislaw The Dude

    Finally am getting close to finishing my 3D model of the Matson Sugar Carrier Moku Pahu. Here's some photos of the ship and some views of the 3D computer model:

    Here's a couple renders of the 3D model:

    I built the hull and basic superstructure using DelftShip and then completed the model in 3DS Max. Water and atmosphere were generated using Dreamscape.
  2. Jecobin
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    Jecobin Junior Member

    very nice work...
  3. yipster
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    yipster designer

    nice renders indeed and athmosphere in 3dmax does it too was my first thought
    than there is afterburner i only tried once or twice and actually much more is build in or ad-on
    lookin into dreamscape a bit now
    i see it looks a lot like terragen witch used to be free
    if i have time sure like to check this all out or give some more pointers plz

    very nice stuff
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