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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Fanie, the "CAUTION HOT" bit is not about the exhaust pipe, but ME;) The girls seemed to love me when I ride in this machine.
    One day a beautiful lady - bikini bodied - wearing a really hot summers mini dress with legs you only dreamed about, asked for a spin which yours truly obliged immediately to causing my wife to go maniac with me on my return:confused:
    Then a similar thing happened, only this time she had some short pants on and again I took the town over with this stunner next to me, making the young okes greener than my Lotus 7 with envy...

    The best part happened when I took my son to local spares shop for service parts for his car and I decided to sat in the Seven to wait for him. Opposite the street to my right something was happening which took hold of my attention when I felt the car rocking, thinking my son is back. However, when I turned towards him, I looked into the face of a stranger a - black man with a face full of teeth telling me, "what a nice car":eek:
    I was flabbergasted and told him to leave my car at the speed of light...

    Yes, looks like Im retiring into boat building for the time being:cool:

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    Fanie Fanie

    We all make mistakes, you shouldn't return :D

    When I had the little car I had the same, when I take the wife for a spin I'd tell the husband we're just going around the block, if we're not back in an hour we're at the Centurion hotel... :p And once when I took a friend's wife for a spin someone we know quite well stopped beside me. His face told me he couldn't believe I'm cheating on my wife...
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