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Discussion in 'Software' started by jimianbu, May 9, 2011.

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    GaoTeng, you've attached some very nice figures but, apparently, the program ignores the "correction court," does not leave a gap between the parts, which makes it totally unacceptable. Am I wrong in something?
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    Yes, you are right. I didn't set the part space in the above samples. but this function is available in the software.

    The following are some nesting sample with a gap, you can control the gap in software.

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    Now it seems more correct. However, I have to put two objections:
    - The gap between parts is not constant which makes me think that the software does not automatically set, but you have put it by "your hand".
    - Is inadequate the nesting of small parts in large parts lightenings. If software does it automatically, is should be avoided.
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    Did you try Dgnestpro?

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    Driving Nails!

    I would tend to agree with you if I was in a benevolent mood, but guess what I aint, as an aside we did not use hammers in Scotland you just drove it in with your head...
    I think and forums are not the best means of communication to get a point across, I was more on about the fact that any CAD Jockey can use this software without even really having to know what they are doing or even trying to achieve and I have seen the results of this first hand where plates have just been nested with no checks or balances and the end result goes to-gether like a pound of mince and results in that terrible word in any shipyard "Re-Work" but the nested plate had less wasted material or so it seemed!
    So I am all for all types of tools which can produce a good result but still think that there is the need for experienced shipbuilders to ensure that it is not just the machines that are producing.
    You put crap in and you get crap back out just much faster now.

    Remember "Knowledge not passed on is Lost"

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