NEMA 2000 electrical system

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by naturewaterboy, Aug 27, 2007.

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    The Panbo website is one to go to on a frequent basis, for all current information.

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    Thanks for the information, especially for my location in the middle of no where and so I do it all myself. <grin>

    Need to install Nema 2000 for satellite antenna for Garmin GPSMAP 521S. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Will be reading the three articles by Calder as a primer.
  3. apex1

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    Only one:

    Use NMEA 2000 instead!
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    FYI...Suzuki outboards use the NMEA 2000 protocol
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    still working on this boat

    Well, here I am two years later and STILL working on this damn boat....B.O.A.T. definitely stands for Break Out Another Thousand...

    I am just now trying to wire up my helm stations to my Mercury Optimax engines - I hope to have this figured out in a few days. My plan was to connect the Optimaxes thru what Mercury calls "Smartcraft Gateways" to my Northstar M121 display - to get all my engine gauge info. However, I just spoke with the Mercury factory Customer Service, and what I believe they explained is that they now communicate NMEA 2000 out of the engines, and I can use Merc Monitors to display the info. I have some investigating to do, but their customer service guy is emailing me some diagrams that I hope will clear this all up.
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    I thought Merc was only going to make a gateway to nmea 2k as they went their own way re can bus
    All the others are the nmea 2k std as far as I know?
    I will be interested to see what you find out?

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    Nope not really, you just need different tools. 0183, is as "unfixable" at sea as 2K is.

    nema 2K is not a high tech systems, in fact I would argue that its not high tech enough, its too slow for the future, ie you cant transfer video or any significant amounts of data, Canbus was designed to handle 8 bytes of data as a primary data transfer!

    The main problem with 2K however is that you cant in fact mix different types of equipment. This is becuase 2K has no standards for configuring equipment, hence in general you need X's manufacturers kit to install and configure X's sensors etc.

    NMEA is working on adding distributed power system switching to the NMEA PGN database. and in fact several mkanufacturers have NMEA compatible systems just with propriitary PGNS. I have major reservations about one bus controlling all systems, especially a standard bus rather then star system. I dont see it happening.
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