Need to Identify this Epoxy manufacturer

Discussion in 'Materials' started by TacomaNICEguy, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. TacomaNICEguy
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    TacomaNICEguy New Member

    Hey there,
    I am new here and wondered if anyone had used, seen, or know what company that produces this epoxy resin. I have been looking at US composites to use during the test stages of my project, but want to know what this product Ive seen others using online is! I'd appreciate any help.

    It looks like an "F" to me..
  2. LP
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    LP Flying Boatman

    I'm not familiar with the F product.

    I have used USComposites. I've had acceptable results with their 635 thin resins with the slow hardener. I can't say I've been happy with their medium hardener. I tends to blush in a humid environment and it doesn't remove very easily.
  3. Herman
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    Herman Senior Member

    Any chance of a bigger picture? I am not familiar with the brands available in the USA. Nothing I have seen like it in Europe though.
  4. TacomaNICEguy
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    TacomaNICEguy New Member

    both of these pics are of labels that are on steel barrels, but I've found a few local companies that laminate boat parts/pieces, skimboards, and longboards seem to use this same brand. It must be a good deal, otherwise why would multiple companies be using the same brand? Unfortunately I cant really get better pics... you'd think itd be easy to find if you have their logo but i cant seem to find it online! Im starting to think its from some distant land like china. I might just go to the company and ask them, not sure what kind of answer I'll get.

    thank you for the response though guys! Im nowhere near ordering a whole barrell,... just needing to find out who/where this thing came from! It must be through some local retailer or something that has sold it to similar companies in my area.
  5. davhill
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    davhill Junior Member

    Jeezus. Walk in the shop and ASK.

  6. sabahcat
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    sabahcat Senior Member

    Why not ask these "others online" who are using it?

    Hardly sounds like a critical job if you are looking for something that you heard was good and asking people on an anonymous forum..

    Why not use one of the other myriad of resins that are good and available locally?
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