Need some Technical help on a 84 51' Bluewater

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by captmarkwilson, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. captmarkwilson
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    captmarkwilson New Member

    I am gutting a 51 Bluewater and redesigning it, and I can not find the front shower drain sump pump box? I have cut several small holes searching but no luck.
  2. eyschulman
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    eyschulman Senior Member

    Can you put a snake with a noise maker or some pulsating current down drain pipe to trace?
  3. captmarkwilson
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    captmarkwilson New Member

    I will try that thanks...I have spent hours, taking items apart
  4. SamSam
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    SamSam Senior Member

    Maybe it just drains to the bilge.

    As in there is no pump sump and there is no pump. Maybe there is just a hose leading back to somewhere closer to the bilge pump, or maybe not even a hose.

    Dump some water in and see what happens.

    Use mirrors and flashlights to look in inaccessible areas.

    Make a big enough permanent access hole instead of a bunch of peek holes you'll probably want to patch. The hole can serve as access to the whole area of multiple points of interest- shower, head, sink, electricals, thru hulls, etc. and can serve other areas and things too, like valves and tanks or wiring, not necessarily just the bathroom. Or it can serve as access to things already in place and also create a space to put new things like tanks, valves, thru hulls, transducers, etc. It can be left as an open hole, or a pre-made hatch cover installed, or if it's an area that will only need to be accessed when problems develop maybe years down the road, it can be a piece jigsawed out of the sole or interior floor, cleats installed and the 'cover' screwed back in place with some easily removed caulking to seal it.

  5. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Stick a small diameter air line down the drain and feed it back, until it stops, then turn on the air. You'll hear, pretty much where it is and can cut an access panel if necessary. If having trouble hearing it, pour a gallon of water down the drain while the air is on, it'll bubble loudly.
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