Need some advice on welding aluminum.

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by bntii, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. bntii
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    bntii Senior Member

    I have gotten up to speed tig welding stainless and have a Miller Maxstar 150 STH. I am going to build a boom and am wishing I had purchased one of the ac/dc machines to have the al capacity.
    The question-

    What are the chances I can decent results stick welding aluminum?

    Thanks all
  2. tazmann
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    tazmann Senior Member

    I have welded aluminum with stick in the past worked ok for welding flat but out of position gets a bit tricky. I would say get a few sticks and play with it on some scrap.
  3. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    for starters, remove the oxidizing skin/layer from the alu before welding...
  4. kmorin
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    Stick on Aluminum


    There are some aluminum flux coated electrodes in the market and they can make 'serviceable' welds, but they're not the type of cosmetically clean and full strength welds usually associated with a boom.

    I'd suggest you find someone to use a TIG torch on the welds both for appearance and strength. AC TIG is the only real way to do the work you've described, other methods can be used but the welds will be second best -at best.

  5. LyndonJ
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    LyndonJ Senior Member

    Would it be a possibility to use a stick with an onboard inerter for a handyman not a pro alloy welder to repair their own boat in an emergency patchup ?

    Seems one of the pitfalls of alloy is doing repairs of fatigue cracks broken bits holed hulls etc in remote areas. I never heard of the stick welding..

    What sized buzzbox-inverter (current/voltage) would be required?

  6. gomoto69
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    apparently, you could tig it on dc, if you use helium for gas.
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