Need laminate schedule info please

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sangerfan76, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. sangerfan76
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    sangerfan76 Junior Member

    I have a high speed 1/4 mile 3 poi t hydro mold. I bought it however I could not have the layup schedule. The boats are 19 feet long and weight of about 5-600 lb. hulls are approx 3/16 thick. And help would be great
  2. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    Whoa !!
    the laminate schedule on a high speed craft would be highly detailed. Be careful with FREE advice.
  3. sangerfan76
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    sangerfan76 Junior Member

    how or who would i talk to . not really looking for free would buy it if i knew where to turn
  4. rasorinc
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    Any of the naval architects on this forum can help you.
  5. messabout
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    Get hold of one of forum members whose screen name is Jimboat. You can PM him. Jim is an authority on super go fast boats. He has written several books on the subject and is generally regarded as the go to guy.
  6. IMP-ish
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    IMP-ish powerboater

  7. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    The only sure way is to cut cupons. However, that is not an assurance that the laminate will be homogenous.
  8. sangerfan76
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    sangerfan76 Junior Member

    Boat builders in this market don't release their laminate schedules because it's like a huge secret . The guy passed away that owned my mold. I bought it because it's the latest version and only pickle fork hydro mold like it. Hasn't been splashed yet
  9. PAR
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    Any reasonable designer or experienced builder, familiar with the type can develop a schedule for you, for not a lot of money. This said, if you want a class winning entry, you're best advised to have the whole shooting match, reviewed professionally and an ideal schedule arranged as practical, within the budget and resources. To be a class winner, you need all the material in the right places and just enough so you don't break, all the while not being overly heavy. This balancing act can be tedious and all but imposable for a novice, particularly using one of the on line or off the shelf scantling recommendations. For example, you could use Geer's scantling rules, but you'll be heavy and stout for the class. The boat will last and be tough, but slower then most every other. Decide what you want of the boat and establish a SOR with a professional or well experienced builder. This will get you close for little money. If you want to win constantly, then you'll have to spend the time, effort and of course the money.
  10. Cawley
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    Well since no one will even give you an idea on where to start, I will throw out a starting point. Some may consider this to be pretty thin. But you said you were building a hydro... This is just my opinion. There are many different ways to skin a cat.......

    Skin 1.5 oz mat
    2 layers 1208 with one extra layer on all running surfaces. All layers to be overlapped.
    Extra layers in hard corners.. Maybe some exotic fabrics (Aramid) in high stress areas... Core in the flat panels, running pads , and deck. Al done with VE resin. If using poly, I would consider using 1708. Squeegy out all the excess resin and use peal ply in areas where it has trouble laying down. Very basic info here, but I hope it helps you.
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  11. Jimboat
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    Jimboat Senior Member

    I may be able to steer you in the right direction, sangerfan76.
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