Need information on 3 types of boats for screenplay.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hi THERE!, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Hi THERE! boating community.

    I've been reading over the thread on pirates and I find the communities' responses very interesting.

    I'm writing a screenplay that takes place largely in the open waters of today's time involving several different boats.

    I'm finding that it is imperative I know the types of crafts these people are inhabiting in order for me to accurately write the descriptions of their actions. I need to know certain boats and their layouts.

    The three boats are as followed, described to the best of my abilities of what I envision for the film.

    Thank you in advance to those who help me.


    1. Fishing Boat

    I see a large type ship, kind of like the Orca in "JAWS", it needs to have a cabin where several people could sleep, and a separate area where a captain could store items, like a large chest, and go over his maps. It should be old and kind of beat up, not streamlined new age. If possible it should have as much speed capacity as its type will allow.

    2. Transportation Boat

    Okay I say "Transportation Boat" because this thing is more modern, like a fast boat that can move things quickly and can house about three people.

    Once again, like the Orca, I see the guy at the wheel standing on a raised platform (forgive me for my lack of boat nomenclature).

    I also see raised walls about 3 feet high around the entire boat, with a cabin in the middle, maybe with surrounding glass windows. I guess the people would sleep below deck.

    3. Larger, Mother Ship

    Okay I say "Mother Ship" because I see this thing being able to pull two other speed boats. This is a larger vessel, able to house 8 to 10 people, have places for weapons and ammunition and a large room for storage. Fast as possible.

    If you fine people could please, name the basic type of boat that meets those requirements, I could research them and look at layouts etc. and I would really appreciate it. Basically what I'm looking for is a response like, "Well, what you're describing there sounds like a (boat type or model)" that would yield some image results from google.

    Thank you very much.
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    To answer your questions about the vessels involved without the verbal horse play associated in the other thread, they use everything and anything they can get their hands on.

    Primarily they use small "attack" craft which can be pretty much any well powered (usually outboard) pleasure boat. These run the gambit from the home made fishing skiff to production speed boats and everything in between. Beefed up to take deep water work, some have mounted guns, though most use hand held.

    These are "parented" by a mother ship which again, can be anything large enough to make off shore passages, house a crew, store fuel, stow weapons, carry supplies for a week or so of "patrolling", plus tow or carry the attack craft.

    It's likely you'll need an advisor for your research. I'm sure there are many very qualified merchant marine and naval officers that could provide the back ground and the in depth research information you need. In this same vain, several news (and other) originations have already preformed this research, created documentary video and conducted interviews. I would only assume a little leg work on your part could generate the sources, reporters, interviewers and other interested parties, as well a the published information itself. Good luck . . .
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    Hi THERE! New Member

    Thank you for the reply. However not all of the boats are piloted by pirates. I am not specifically asking what kind of boats do pirates use, I would rather get a make and model number of the boats I am describing.
  4. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    I'm not sure I completely understand your request, but your descriptions above suggest that any number of boat manufactures and models could be employed for these tasks. Can you be more specific? Possibly an "action report" will offer the actual models used by captured or engaged pirates in the area. A review of these might offer some "patterns" from which reasonable speculations could be derived.
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    TeddyDiver Gollywobbler

    google photos for fishing boat and for commuter boat, from the latest smaller ones meet your 2nd and larger ones 3rd criteria..
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    Par, I answered him on the other (joke) thread, but they answer is simply pirates use whatever they can steal. The faster the better, of course, but that is not always what they get. Typically they use large open outboard powered boats, like a panga, or a bay boat (used in the cheaspeake).
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    I hopped on, and clicked on the 'Advanced Search' link. This gives you a great big form you can fill out. Click on the "Power" and "Pre-Owned" and the Boat Class dropdown menu will get a whole bunch of options.

    For Type 1 I selected dates of 1950 to 1970, "Convertible Boats", 24 to 30 feet long.
    For Type 2: dates 1990 to 2009, "Cuddy Cabin", 20 to 26 feet long
    For Type 3: dates of 1990 to 2009, "Cruisers", 50 to 60 feet long

    This should give you a bunch of photographs and samples. Many of the listings will
    be useless to you, but I think in a few minutes of poking at things you should be able
    to find a couple of models that have the right "look" for your needs.

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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    As Par wrote the pirates mostly use whatever they can get. It would depend what kind of pirate you are writing about, a well-funded professional or a desperate fisherman who can no longer make a living because of over-fishing and pollution from the heavy shipping.

    If I were the Pro I would look at a large open semi-inflatable with a couple of big outboard motors that can get into position quickly, is hard to spot visually or on radar, is stable enough to throw a boarding rope from and tough enough not to fold if it slams against the side of a ship. A cabin would likely get in his way. He'd likely sleep on a larger mothership that would tow or take the open boats on deck.

    The fisherman is likely to use his old boat for piracy and would likely make a run from shore with a couple of mates.
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