NEED HELP-wooden boad friendly in Chesapeake

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by robert_mercer, May 6, 2007.

  1. robert_mercer
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    robert_mercer New Member

    I just purchased a 1973 Chesapeake Deadrise in need of repairs. Unfortunately, I have found no wooden boat friendly yards in maryland. I have tried from Baltimore to Chesapeake Beach.

    The boat is 41'x13'6"x4' draft. About 15T. I need this boat hauled and blocked for initial repairs.

    Things here in MD are differnt from my experiences on the oceans. I grew up in Long Island NY. I graduated NY Maritime College and sailed until I got my USCG Chief Engineer's license.

    If anyone knows who can help please contact me. All help is greatly appreciated.

  2. longliner45
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    longliner45 Senior Member

    have you tried glouster,,va,,all those wooden crab boats are getting repaired somewhere,longliner
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  3. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member

    I'm surprised there's nothing in the Baltimore area. Any case, call marine surveyors in your area and ask them who's around--- and look for someone small who specializes in that type of construction.
    I would even recommend the haulout be done by one party, onto a Brownelle rig, and taken to a small wood boat guy. Yards are expensive, and always want a piece of the action if you hire someone to work there. If I were in your area (and I had more than 32 ft of boatshed), the boat would be hauled to my shop and I'd charge a reasonable rate. The money ain't in the hauling anyway. The labor rates can kill you though, nevermind poor workmanship.

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  4. Oyster
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    Oyster Senior Member

    Backed up a ways, but depending on whats the needs, jingle these guys.

    very reasonable
    12878 MCCREADY RD
    LUSBY, MD 20657-2917
    David Abe

    Scan this link, too. Matthews, and Tiffany in the area of Wicomico Church I think is still in business, a long heritage of wooden hulls.
  5. robert_mercer
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    robert_mercer New Member

    Thanks for help.

    I hope to have some luck tomorrow.

  6. anti-q8
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    anti-q8 slightly insane.

    There are several you may want to try in the Deltaville/Broad Creek area. I grew up on Fishing Bay, and I think there's still a railway where Deagle's marina used to be (now Fishing Bay Marina). On the Broad Creek side, there was Norton's Marina, as well as Dozier's Dockyard, although I think they may have moved up to Urbanna, a few miles further up the Rappahannock, and which is another great spot to look.
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