need help with inboard mud boat

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by jeffejo, May 16, 2010.

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    i have a 15' 52 boat that is prety sturdy with a subaru motor that puts out around 85 hp. It has a drive that resembles a surface drive i cant get this thing to plane out with more than 2 people and it has a hard time with just 2. If im in the boat by myself it will jump right up and knock you down if you arent careful. Any suggestions on how to get this thing to plane out.

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    First: FACTS! What components do you have in the driveline? Reduction gear? Propeller type, blade numbers, diameter, pitch? Is it submerged or surface piercing? Boat shape, weight, center of mass position? Engine power characteristic, max power at what rpm, engine rpm's when not planing?

    PICTURE of prop arrangement pls!
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    Subaru's dont realy make the HP until ypou hit higher RPM. What engine do you have the EA71, or the E81, EA 82. I built one a while back that had a mud unit on it. Is this the same super go devil style unit?

    If so, I needed trim tabs. Be sure that the engine is trimmed down on take off to pop the back up. Then trim up until it rooster tails. Then trim back down until you are throwing a 1 to 2 foot tail.

    If it's prop, call Benji at New Iberia Propeller as he builds the units.
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