Need help with headsail, genoa track and cars

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by jdory, May 22, 2018.

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    Being a land lubber I don't really know how this stuff works so looking for comments. I'm building a 30' catamaran and based off 1993 part numbers. For instance, the track specified for headsail and genoa cars is 30" long and is Harken 680 - which is a 3/4" (19mm) x 1 -1/4" (32mm) track and cars have safe working load spec'd of 2250 lbs. 30" length seems hard to find - not sure I would want to go 24"? or 36" if I can find either? The car is spec'd as a Harken 704 which is a adjustable pin stop with shackle car to fit the track. I can go any brand that is of good quality. Can this track be cut without much worry about the anodization at the cut ends?

    I'm wondering about sourcing this stuff too - I'm out of ground shipping range in rural Alaska.. so USPS hopefully. I may be able to get stuff from Fisheries Supply, but other sources would be valuable as well.

    I'll attach the deck layout pre cabin modification, and an image of a similar boat with the cabin mod I'm copying, just to give an idea of what I'm trying to achieve. Looks like I might need 4 of these tracks, or even 6 if I do the ones by the main traveler.

    Also not sure if I need all this - there's these two tracks either side of the main traveler that is spec'd for spinnaker and genoa as below from which I don't have a 1993 Taco catalog so no idea yet on sizing that.

    #40 Toerail track Taco A62-135 2
    note: fit to rear of aft crossbeam, use to attach spinnaker, genoa turning blocks, & runners.
    3'-0" port and starboard. Get cutoffs.



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    Genoa track is genoa track, though model numbers may change, it's still what you need. Pay attention to the sizes, not so much as the model numbers. If you need 3/4" track, many manufacture sell it (Harken, Ronstan, Schaefer, etc.). Now, there are a few different styles, mostly based on your preferences, but track is sold by the foot. The cars that fit these tracks are size specific, so if you need a 3/4" track, it'll carry a 3/4" car. Of course this can get confusing pretty quickly if you're not familiar with what you need, like do you need a "towable" car, would you prefer a pin lock or variable, etc. As to the anodizing, well you can touch this up with paint, but most just leave them and keep them waxed.

    As to what you need, well the plans should give you a basic idea, but experence will typically dictate what you really want. Given your lack of experence, you should just install what the plans say, for the basic working sail set and upgrade as your experence level improves, you'll develop preferences.
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    jdory Senior Member

    Thanks for the reply PAR. Good to know about the cutting and paint or wax - wasn't sure about that.
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    Looks like you are building one of Kurts 30fters. So - what does he say? Always ask the designer first!

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
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    He can be pretty hard to decipher. I had asked for an updated hardware parts list but he seems a bit overwhelmed with work. I figure if I stick with his working loads, it is good.

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