need help with finding hull designer

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Guest, Apr 8, 2002.

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    Hull design

    I have considerable experience in small craft design, and reside in Seattle. I'd be interested in discussing your project. You can contact me at
    Regards, Dave Weed
  2. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Have you found someone to build a plug and mold yet? I am interested if you are still looking.
  3. chrism

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    I can help you with the modelling and the plug/mold building. My brother and I run a small design/Prototype/tooling company in north carolina. If you are interested you can reach me at 252-482-5930 or We also do our own cnc milling. I can send some pics if you like.

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    Please contact me
  5. LADON Ltd.

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  6. dereksireci
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    Now Emil, I'd also like to know if you posted a 3D-Studio sample model as an example of your work.

  7. SB Marine

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    Marine Consultant

    We design the boats of either FRP, Wooden or steel make. We operate from India and have associates in UAE & USA. Using internet, we deliver the design & cad drawings to the clients and have already proven to be very useful and cost effective to the clients in abroad. Our rates are very economical. You may email us with specific query like size, type, speed & make etc. of the vessel at ''
  8. glossdesign
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    glossdesign Arch.


    Contact me if you need help!
  9. Consultant

    A. & S. Consultants International Limited specialise in finding good technical, and marine personnel. Finding staff whilst working to difficult timeframes can be very stressful. We provide a service that will save you time by searching and assessing hundreds of candidates, short listing and interviewing short-listed candidate before sending CV’s through for your requirement. A. & S. relies on team work.

    We have an excellent reputation and provides an ongoing service for clients and candidates. It is our job to help an office run smoothly “The happier people are the better the product they produce”.

    Our aim is to produce a successful working relationship in the marine industry catering for Yachts Designers / Naval Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Boat Builders, Cabinet Makers etc. on an international scale.

    If you are interested in receiving any CV’s or candidate information etc., please feel free to contact us.

    Kind regards

    Daniel Fenton
  10. marine designer
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    marine designer 3D Yacht Designer

    I have worked with Janicki Marine Industries to produce molds for the company I work for, Glade Johnson Design. I would be interested in looking at your project. You can contact me at 425-432-5032, or email me at

    Best Regards,
    Victor Lavergne

  11. JEM
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    I'm helping a client in Texas with a similar project. He build the plug himself via stitch and glue from plans I drew up. Lots of bondo and stroking with a long board to make a fair plug. It helped that the client's in-laws own a auto body shop so he was able to use those resources.

    He had the design and vision and I translated it into a 3D form. The project worked nice. Lots of open communication required, phone calls and e-mail.

    What helped push this along was we both did research and used our networks to work together. He brought in the rep for the hull manufacturer, Lyle at Rain Forrest Boats in Mexico, and all 3 of us knocked our heads together to make things work. The plugs are done and molds being made next week! Can't wait to see how he does. Very innovative and applicable idea.

    I knew only the basics about FRP hull production and design. But with the 3 of us working together, we all learned and grew from the experience. :cool:

    So my advice is to find a designer who is willing to take input from all sources and be flexible about changes. Hopefully he/she will believe in the design and do what it takes to make it successful.

    My clients personal drive is what really pushed things along. You have to have the determination to keep things on task and willingness to get your hands dirty if you want to keep costs low. My client took 8 hour road trips to talk to people, flew to the IBEX show for input, kept harrassing vendors for help, and basically did what it took for success.

    You have to be the project manager, group leader, and motivator. If you had enough cash, you could hire a company, be demanding, and have to do little work. But to keep costs low, you become an active team leader and member.
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