need help with core replacment ,hydrostream vking

Discussion in 'Materials' started by scat pack, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Hey guys iv just bout my first boat project it’s a 1979 hydrostream v-king. The boat is completely gutted and is in a looking for some input on the replacement of the core. The materials that I was thinking of using are system 3 epoxy, 1708 ,1.5 csm and 5/8 balsa core with csm backing. what I was thinking of doing is grinding the inside of the hull smooth and finishing it in :?: grit , laying down 1 layer of 1708 then a layer of 1.5 csm , then install the 5/8 core using core bond :?: or thickened system 3 :?: or just straight system 3 epoxy :?:then put 2 layers of 1708.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your laminate schedule looks like it's geared towards polyester, not epoxy. CSM is useless in an epoxy laminate and provides no real strength. Toss it. It can sometimes help in difficult to bond situations, such as biax to existing polyester laminate, but other wise, it's just a resin sucking waste.

    Do yourself a big favor and download the free "User's Guide" from and the "Epoxy Book" from These will nurse you though the basic techniques, materials and methods.

    Next, visit (you're welcome Paul) and and look at the pricing for epoxy. You'll find them half of the major formulators, with all the same structural and physical attributes.
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    Good luck I am looking for my perfect VKing to start this project too
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