Need help repairing a catamaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by de_sail, May 19, 2005.

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    I've gotten a 13' catamaran a couple years ago and I'm wanting to sell it now. It's overall a good boat except for a couple problems and some cosmetic damage. The inspection plates on each of the hulls have been in the sun a lot and cracked apart when I took them out. The plates are bolted in and the fiberglass is peeled on the backs of the bolts making it almost impossible to get to them. The hulls are ugly though. The paint used on them doesn't seem to be a marine paint and is peeling. There are 3 or 4 layers of different color paint that I can see and I've never found the gel coat. The paint on the deck is also coming off. It's rubbing off like chalk whenever the boat gets wet. I would like to get this boat looking kind of nice to sell but I'm on a very limited budget, in other words can't afford the $60 topside paint. Does anyone have any suggestions for the inspection plates or the paint? Sorry for so many questions. I'd be thankful for any help though.
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    Sell As Is

    This might not be the answer your looking for but here goes. If your going to sell it anyway then let it go cheaper and let someone with more paint and repair knowledge tackle it. If your wanting to learn, well that's another story, but it still takes time and money. Are you buying another boat or ???
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    I agree with Delane, if you want to learn repair, you have a good project boat. If it's in that bad of shape though, just get what you can for it. Start cheap and worry about getting the paint layers off. Sand paper isnt that expensive and it will make a big difference.
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