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Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by cstickman, Oct 22, 2009.

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    As some of you know from my other posts I purchased a 1988 bayliner 2455 ciera sunbridge. Its a fixer upper and one of the items it needs is a complete engine and outdrive. I am not sure where to start looking for the engine. That is my weak point in this project is the engine. I can do the rest on my own. I believe it had an OMC Cobra 5.0 engine in there before. Someone told me the cut out in the back is universal to whatever make outdrive I can install. So I think I want to go with a 5.7L engine and then I would need the outdrive to match that type of engine. I also want to go with a dual alternator. 1 to charge the cranking battery and 1 to charge the 3 house batteries. I have designed the electric to have everything run while on the water and then have shore power to charge the batteries and run power to everything. I have spent a lot of money on the electronics. When I was doing the wiring for that one guy suggested the dual alternators and to keep 1 battery aside to just crank the engine. So that is how I did it. So any help with an engine and the specs so I can start shopping around for the parts would be greatly appreciated. Someone also suggested a fuel injected engine. Thanks
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    Your options are a Mercruiser or VolvoPenta. A package is the best deal. It has all the parts necessary to install it. If you want to install a second alternator, you will have to modify the front pulley and fabricate a bracket. Also, you will have to find somewhere to install the bracket. A modern alternator will put out 95 amps. What are you running that will use more than that? You can upgrade to a larger 115 amp alternator.
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    Where is the best place to find a used mercruiser or volvo? I was reading other posts on here and I think I will just go with a bigger alternator instead of doing the two. What are the specs of the engine that I am looking for? Thanks
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    If I were doing this I'd look at Crusader engines.

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    What's your budget?
  6. mark775

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    For a one alternator system, charge your starting battery, run a line to your house batteries from your starting battery thru a diode from Blue Sea Systems but bypass it with a manual switch (don't forget to put a switch before the starting battery - preferably where you can reach it without going below). Blue Sea will show you exactly how to do it. Engines are simple but heart and soul of boats. Electronics are out-of-date before you get them installed. For future reference, electronics come last (simple stuff that works, then glitzy stuff the day before you sell). I like a second alternator but it will detract from your already tiny engine space.

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    Not tryin' to seem unfriendly,but have you looked for a Bayliner forum?

    Has to be several out there.

    You'd get people who own the same boat,and likely done the same as you.
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