Need help on Outboard fuel delivery

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Reid Crownover, Apr 18, 2018.

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    You can use a fixed or portable tank. The feed hose will have a bulb to prime the engine. The fuel pump is in the engine.
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    It's not legal to pressurized the fuel system in a boat, with a tank mounted pump. A small pump is mounted on your engine, though it's just enough to permit fuel to be drawn into the engine a short height and distance. A bulb will be used to prime the fuel system, so the little pump can do its job. Once the engine is running the on engine pump doesn't do much, as the engine's draw is usually sufficient. Most newer outboards have installation instructions, including the fuel system, bracket height recommendations, etc. Buy the manual appropriate for service on your new engine.
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    Regarding the fuel priming bulb referred to by gonzo and PAR: -

    The bulb will have direction arrow on it to indicate the direction of fuel flow and should point toward the motor.

    The bulb needs to be vertical (arrow pointing up) when you squeeze it to prime the engine
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