need help in Damage and Probailistic stability

Discussion in 'Stability' started by sudhir0201, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I was just speaking of the case where there is no defined rule.
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    @ ontwerp..... thanks for the reply....
    I working with department dealing with stability......., however my background is Mechanical, but I have the theoretical knowledge of stability as wel.
    Can company will hire a candidate with mechanical background for stability calculation??.

    I already done basic NAPA training.., and always try to read manuals.
    this is very rare software, and it help file is not easily available on internet. if u have some help file or study material of NAPA, then please share it with me.
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    ontwerp Naval Architect

    Damage stability workshops

    Hi Sudhir,

    I think it's definitely possible for a mechanical engineer to do naval architecture and stability, especially if you have some theoretical knowledge of stability, it will just require more self-study since you did not study naval architecture, and maybe some extra time working with experienced naval architects would help too. The profession of naval architecture (in the UK and Canada) was an apprenticeship not so long ago, and I think approaching it that way is probably best - most of what you learn in school you don't use in the real world - you learn what you need to know while you are working (I think I learned more in my first 6 months of work than I did in all my schooling combined). It's the work method and problem solving that you learn in school which is important. (in my opinion).

    Good that you have done the basic training for Napa, if you can't get your answers from the online manuals (accessed from within napa), then try checking out the user forum in the napanet (login from or send an email to customer support.

    I have attached a couple damage stability workshop papers from previous user meetings, maybe they will help. You can also download other workshop papers from the napanet.

    Good luck!

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    I can help you with NAPA. Contact me
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    You've resurrected a thread whose last post was made almost 3 years ago.

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    Such a old thread comes alive ! Chandru , is it possible to know what kind of help regarding NAPA you are offering ?

    Just for informatio, new version of NAPA will be available soon , shifting from command based to more GUI ! It will loooks really good. the only problem with NAPA is the pricing for small companies.
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