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Discussion in 'Props' started by Roberto Certain, Apr 24, 2021.

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    I'll throw out some close numbers from a skiff project we did swapping a utility skiff engine from a gas engine to 4bt

    Reman cummins 4bt 12,500 usd
    Panel and harness 1,200
    Controls 600
    Exhaust system 1,200
    Replumb raw water, 450
    Brackets and soft mounts 850
    Zf220iv with cooler adapter and shipping hit 6 200
    Shaft prop and packing was around 3,000
    Tiller and rudder with packing was around 750
    Fuel plumbing and filter system close to 800.
    Engine box modification unknown as he had all the materials.

    27, 550 usd for one. We did 100% of the labor, took 2 of us a solid week to do. He owns a boom truck and shop. I owned the welders, wrenches saws and alignment tools. We both grew up around the marine trades, have winter employment in them, previous experience with engine adaption, and industry accounts with decent discounts.

    Your going to multiply that x2 and add labor.

    Go in with eyes wide open and a thick wallet and it could be a neat outcome. Those 330s are neat looking little platforms that stylistically have aged well for being 20 years old.

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    Bajansailor and Comfisherman are wise to caution about these projects. You can't do it with the idea of someday selling the boat and getting back anything close to what you've invested.

    I don't know about Comfisherman but Banjansailor knows my boat. I started taking it apart in 2007 and it didn't go into the water until 2014. Even then, with it floating, I can't seem to stop making improvements. Every time I think I'm finished I'll think of something else.

    Like you I stripped her right down to the stringers.

    For me though, she's a hobby. My boat is just a little 26 foot cruiser, way smaller than yours. I've spent close to $60,000 rebuilding and improving every single system. Of course I added things like air conditioning, heat and my favorite the autopilot.

    Some guys gamble, some chase women, some are into cars or vacation homes or world travel or other things. My hobby is my boat. It's not about "return on investment". It's about building something unique, about pride in a job well done. Someday (maybe sooner than I think) I'll be old and unable to use her. I'll have to let her go. I'll shed some tears that day.

    I figure if I find the right person I might get 20% of my cash investment back.

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