Need Help-Can Someone Generate Stability Curves for my Design?

Discussion in 'Stability' started by GavinM, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Need Help-Can Someone Help Me Generate Stability Curves for my Design?

    Hey Everyone!

    I'm trying to do a comparison between 3 canoes and was looking for some help with stability analysis. I am using Maxsurf academic and have done some hydrostatic analysis on them but am having trouble with the stability analysis.

    I am not sure on the exact COG etc but I can give you the displacements, hydrostatic data, loading conditions, etc and since I am using these pretty much purely for comparitive purposes I was hoping it might not matter as much as long as each canoe was analyzed given the same loading conditions? I'm really just looking to see how much more/less stable one design is compared to the other...

    Let me know, I would really appreciate the help if anyone has the time to do it (not sure exactly how long it would take... hopefully pretty quick?)

    If you're interested let me know via PM or reply here and I will email you the files.

    Thank You,


    Also if this is something that can't be done easily please let me know, any feedback whether positive or negative is very much appreciated!
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    I'm assuming you are an engineering student since you are using Maxsurf Academic. Are you involved with a concrete canoe project? I'm very happy to help students learn but not willing to do their work for them.

    Do you know how to determine overall CG using the CG and mass of each part? If so then determine the CG of the canoe by itself. (If not then you should be able to find a reference describing how to determine CG by summing the individual masses and moments about an arbitrary point, and then dividing the sum of the moments by the sum of the masses.) For the paddlers if they were standing up then the CG is probably somewhere around their navels. Seated they CG will change. Make an estimate and use it consistently for each canoe.
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