Need Help / Advice on a 1989 26' Freeland Center Console

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    I have a client that owns a 1989 26' Freeland Center Console. Usually I have several database sources and books here to look up information such as construction, core materials, service bulletins on defects, etc., but very little is found on this company and these vessels. So far this is what I have found:

    Company: Freeland Manufacturing Incorporated
    Former Business Address: 928 SE 9th Terrace, Cape Coral, Florida 33904
    Previous Business Contact: Michael Smith

    Vessel Specifications:

    Hull material; Fiberglass
    Hull type: Deep vee
    LOA: 26'2"
    Beam: 9'
    Draft 1'3"
    Weight 3,250 lbs.

    The listed phone number is no longer in service. The company produced these vessels from 1984 - 1991. I was able to find other vessel's the company produced even after this time into the late 1990's. The company officially dissolved in 2001 according to public records.

    This particular vessel had extreme delamination running under the port side hull bottom along the first strake down the length of the vessel from near the bow (along the deadrise near the chine). I was also able to find some delamination along the starboard side of the hull under the gelcoat (see the pictures below). It appeared the transom was weak as well. I am looking for anyone that has owned one of these vessels that has had the same issues with this model and better yet, can point me in the direction of anything in writing that has addressed these issues either from the company, owner or previous legal action. Anything that would verify that an issue existing with these vessels with delamination and / or core rot in these areas. Also how the vessel was put together, core type, and thickness would be appreciated. Are these folks that ran the company still around in Florida? Direct contact with someone that owned or worked for the company would be good as well. I could find no listed numbers that were still connected. Thanks.

    The blue tape shows the areas of delamination on the hull:






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