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    Here we go again. Years ago I started my boat building website (actually in the mid 90's) with a very simple format. As time went by it grew from a simple site with probably a dozen pages to a monster with over 120 pages and downloadable documents, images, videos and so on. Then about 10 years ago I doubled it by creating a duplicate for mobile devices. Well finally, I have folded it all back into one site that works on all devices. Now I have only one site to maintain and updates are far easier.
    Anyway take a look. New Boatbuilders Home Page | Everything Boat Building It has been tested on PCs, Tablets and Phones and works on them all. The big question is, does it automatically accommodate itself to size of the screen on the device being used. It's supposed to. But nothing really gets tested until users have tried it. Please be kind (LOL) I am not a professional web designer or programmer. I have learned by doing.

    Let me know if you find any problems.
    Do you like the color scheme? (my wife likes it.)
    Is the Nav menu easy to use or too long or too narrow?
    I am still working on a way to get the menu to collapse if you touch (or click) somewhere else than the menu, or hit ESC. Now you have to go back to the top and hit the X.

    Oh BTW I know there are several pages that have large tables of data on them that overflow. I am working on that. The tables work fine on PCs and Tablets but don't shrink down to the width of most phones.

    Anyway, constructive comments are welcome. Thank you
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