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    Hello, since I began to make more complex projects and use more specific software about that I found a few "problems". Let me explain you:
    1. I design the hull of my ships in Maxsurf Academic.
    2. After that I want to make a CFD analysis of my model. To do the analysis I import the NURBS surface in Gambit and mesh it for FLUENT.
    3. Then I want to make a strenght analysis by using Ansys. But so far I have only the NURBS surface from Maxsurf and the hydrodynamic forces from FLUENT.
    To make a complete strenght analysis I need the exact ship model ( probably made by ShipConstructor or Tribon ) but I am not sure if I can even import it in Ansys.
    4. And finally I want to make complete ship theory calculations ( seakeeping, statics, dynamics etc ... ) and need software for that too ...

    The main difficult is that some of the software that I intend to use isn't "integrated" good enoght with each other. I want your expert oppinion how can I achieve a full analysis of a ship or some floating structure, and how to make it right, I mean right software that will give me the "best" results ...
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