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    HI there,

    I am an engineering student currently studying naval architecture and marine engineering at University of Memorial. I am on my second years now, next term in september I will be enrolled into the facutly. I always love this career since one of my dream is to be able to design and build my own yacht travelling around the world. I somehow feel instinctively that your school might be a good choice for me. To tell the truth, there is one problem with me, I don't see too much design talent I have and I have zero basis of arts. I may misunderstood but that is exactly what I think: a great designer must be a talented artist. That is the obstacle I am facing now. Do you think I stil can be a boat designer.
    By the way, the way our university runs is workterm and school alternatively which means I have to study at school for four straight months then take off to work at other places another four months. So far I have four years left including 6 school terms and 5 work terms. I think I should be able to take course during the 5 work terms.
    There is also a side question , I want to be a successfully business man runing company such as luxury yacht. How do you think the prospective business situation in China. DO you think yacht will eventually become a large industry as motobile car in China. What do you think of the future of china from a Marin industry views.
    I will be thankful for you time and effort.

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