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    Hi guys,
    I'm new here and this is my first post on this site. Mods, if this thread is in the wrong spot please let me know or move to the appropriate place. I bought a set of Benfords plans several years ago because they seemed to be the best fit for my purposes (liveaboard cruising) I'm 6'4" and couldn't find a boat with sufficient headroom, but Jay's "badger" came close and he helped change a few details to give me a few more inches of height. I built a small boat as a warm-up in wood epoxy construction and a friend bought it as soon as it was finished. Since then thru word of mouth, I have built a few more small boats for others,but never got started on my own. Recently, I was offered a fiberglass boat 31' long that actually has enough headroom for me but needs the interior completely re-done (not a problem as I aam a custom staircase and furniture builder by trade. and I am contemplating removing the existing trunk cabin and refitting a wood/epoxy raised deck cabin like the one on my Badger plans. I know this can and has been done and I've seen a project like this at one time but cant find it anywhere now, or anything like it. Can anyone here point me to any sites, books or other forums, that might help me with my questions on what a project might entail ? This would knock several thousand dollars and many hours of labor off of the project and get me sailing alot sooner. Sorry for the long post but I could really use some guidance on this decision.
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    Proposition 4U?-- re:

    Hello from the UK...
    Saw your bit on the forum-- got me thinking...
    I realise that you have a boat lined up as a project, and you have a surplus set of Benford Badger plans-- I might be able to trade them for a plans project of mine that might well help you to reconsider your 32 footer as a project...who knows!
    1. I have a set of plans for a.... wait for it-- steel 34 ft shoal draft, bilge-boarder true ocean goer with up to 7ft headroom, and a raised flush deck, plus small wheelhouse--- full sailing ability, not really a motor-sailer, but go there with it if you like--- basically a tough schooner--- alterable, with w/t b/hds etc.
    Liveaboard spec etc.
    2.This design was approved for me by the designer prior to his death, for wood built, X3 layers 1/4" ply, with steel scaffold tubes/pipes as internal structure, using pipe clamps to brace the ply skin... and since you seem to be preoccupied with raised decks and quick (wood?) fit-out, then where might this design concept lead you/me etc?
    3. So, it is not really about steel hulls, and the rust issue of wood against galvd. steel tubes is easier to cope with in my opinion..?
    IDEAS??? Regards, Stuart. 07779544192 cellph/UK.
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