Need advice on canoe please

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  2. Blueknarr
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    The edges of the patches will frey while you lay them up and become nasty splinters. Sand them off after the first coat of epoxy cures or use pealply (a light weight polyester cloth wich is wet out on top of the patching cloth then ripped off after the epoxy cures leaving a nicer surface.)

    Most epoxy forms a layer of amines on it's surface while curing. It washes off with a scrub pad and water. It can prevent proper adhesion to the next coat of epoxy or paint.

    Vinegar removes and cleans up uncured epoxy

    Not counting flame throwers, anything you do to the canoe can be fixed

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    So, the hull has some integrity. Good.

    Next thing to do is determine the extent of delamination and holes.

    If you have areas of delamination where the fiberglass has separated from the wooden core; those must be removed. Take a black sharpie and tap around known loose areas and search for the edge where it seems to be stuck. Sand the area of loose material away with 40-60 grit paper. A palm sander might work. You can also try using a utility knife.

    After you remove the loose glass, replace as BK suggested with 2 inch overlaps and epoxy.

    If you find rotten wood under the delamination; it must be replaced. Cross the bridge when you get there.

    smaller areas of delamination can be injected; you can buy a blunt nose injection needle and hole the glass with a drill the same size as the needle in two places per area and force epoxy into them...

    Use a 60 minute epoxy for all the work.

    If you want to try injecting the delam areas, you can do it, but you need to be able to hear the sound differences between good and bad. Mark them out and come back and check you work 24 hours later for more areas you didn't quite get.
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