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Discussion in 'Software' started by ferdegracia, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. ferdegracia
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    ferdegracia New Member

    Hi, I´m a Naval Architect student. I need a software where I can calculate a Propeller for my thesis.
    Someone knows about where to get a propcad demo, or a unlicensed version. Or maybe another cad software that makes the same calculations.
    PLease reply my at this forum or ant my email address.
  2. Davor
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    Davor Naval Arch.


    Try my demo program
    , if your propeller fits in demo limits.

  3. atahawaii
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    atahawaii Naval Architect, P. E.

    Try Dave Gerr's book "Propeller Handbook" it is excellent.

  4. Çemberci
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    Çemberci Senior Member

    If you give me your Vessel Plans and Offset Table I will calculate
    to find propeller size
    Oktay Cemberci
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