Nazarov design K800

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Ian Connor, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Ian Connor New Member

    Hi does anyone know what weight the stub keel/centreboard case and the centreboard be for this design...
    I cant read Russian.It is a very handsome little boat and I would like to build it
    Thanks Ian
  2. Schoonner
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    I think you will have to figure the weights out for yourself. This is not a beginner boat.

    EDIT:: Maybe it was on the website when it was still up and running. I found mention that the hull, empty and dry was supposed to be 1200 kilo displacement. I don't however think that is very heavy at all, and I don't know if that was with ballast or not. I hope that helps.

    EDIT2:: Here is a how to for figuring ballast.

    EDIT3:: Oh yeah, and here is a nice little thread you may be interested in.
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  5. Schoonner
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    Oh, He seemed innundated with repeated questions on the same topic, requests to have the plans in English, Swahili, and ten other languages sent to personal emails, and doesn't want to talk to anyone who is not actually building the boat. ;)

    After reading thousands of posts requesting plans in languages other than Russian be sent to thousands of different email addresses I can understand his reluctance to talk about the boat to anyone with an email address. :D
  6. HakimKlunker
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    HakimKlunker Andreas der Juengere

    Albert is a nice and competent guy. But also busy...
    How about this: You calculate the design volume of the canoe body.
    Next you calculate the weight of the physical boat.
    The difference in weight goes into the keel ballast
    When you have this number, you can calculate stability (righting momentum) and take a look if this then is sufficient.

  7. Alik
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    Weight of ballast keel for this boat is about 350kg. BUT it should be adjusted after weighting actual hull once built - overweight will require correction. There is space for internal ballast; also there is a drawing of bulbkeel that I have sent to few people on request...

    Now is 13 years after this design is completed, and I still support real builders BUT unfortunately have no time for those who are just dreaming, who wants to scale the hull, 'build it in ferroconcrete', etc. Regarding 'drawings in English' - there are some files in English, say specification of structure. That's it.
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