Navigation apps and what we think of them

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by SV_Harbinger, May 27, 2018.

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    Just figured I'd post because a neighbour from a few slips down recommend this one it goes by the name of Polaris Navigation, I tried it out yesterday and I have to say I'm intrigued. It doesn't have the highway screen, but accuracy was similar to my installed GPS.
    So what does everyone else think of these apps, not just this one but in general?
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    There are a lot of smartphone GPS apps out there. I haven't heard of that one. For marine navigation you'll want to have one that contains both position information and depth charts. I would say by far Navionics is the standard, but others are Ok as well (e.g. Garmin Blue Chart). I use a Garmin 78SC as an emergency backup. It's a very nice portable chart plotter. If I lose all power, the Garmin is a nice fall back plan (aside from relying on paper charts/DR navigation). I keep the Garmin loaded with re-chargeable batteries and can keep it running all day with a portable solar panel.

    Good navigation requires at least 2 methods to verify your position & depth. If you've got more than that...all the better. Here's what I typically bring on board:

    -Paper chart for area I'm cruising.
    -Marine navigation app (e.g. Navionics, which also has a sync capability to many of today's onboard chart plotters)
    -Portable, waterproof marine GPS (e.g. Garmin 78SC).
    -Auxillary power - rechargeable batteries w/portable solar panel. Gotta have reliable power!

    I sleep good at night while underway with those tools. Stick with proven tools and you'll be in good shape.

    Fair winds _/)_/)

    PS this book is really handy...good instructions for working back & forth with paper charts & GPS really well.
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    I completely agree with never rely on just one Nav tool. I had never used any of the apps before, and that one does have charts with depths (NOAA) the only thing it is missing is the "highway" screen, and while I could never bring myself to trust it as a stand alone tool, I did find it interesting to compare it to the onboard and hand held GPS units on board.
    I always have and frequently use my paper charts, I just like sitting down with them and actually figuring out my position and comparing it to the GPS.
    I never thought of the portable solar panel and rechargeable batteries, I like that idea. I also went ahead and ordered that book you recommend, I may just learn somethingo_O
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  4. Mickdh550
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    Love my navitronics ipad app as an additional source along side my Raymarine chart plotter and the paperchart with scribbles on it. Between the three I feel like I have some idea of where I am. I cross reference all three against my passage plan regularly.
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