Naval architecture by distance learning.

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    This is all I have to say or will say on this issue:

    Westlawn Has a Remarkable Record Supplying
    Talented Designers for the Marine Industry

    Partial List (last updated 10/1/13)

    Designers (Westlawn alumni*)

    • Tom Fexas, Independent Designer
    • Bruce King, Independent Designer
    • Jack Hargrave, Independent Designer, Designer for Hatteras, Burger, others
    • Gary Mull, Independent Designer
    • Bill Cook, Independent Designer
    • Bill Shaw, Designer for Pearson, Designer at Sparkman & Stephens, Chief Designer for 12M Columbia
    • Charlie Morgan, Independent Designer, President Morgan Yachts
    • Rod Johnstone, Independent Designer, Founder & Designer J/Boats
    • Andrej Justin, Independent Designer, Coutts Justin Design
    • Royal Lowell, Independent Designer, Designer for Jarvis Newman, Bruno Stillman, others
    • Dave Gerr, Independent Designer
    • David P. Martin, Independent Designer, Designer for Ocean Yachts, Egg Harbor, Pacemaker, others
    • Rodger Martin, Independent Designer, Chief Designer Derecktor Shipyards
    • John S. Hall, Design Coordinator, Huckins Yacht Corporation
    • Britton Chance, Independent Designer
    • Ted Brewer, Independent Designer
    • Geoffrey van Aller, Chief Designer, Trinity Yachts
    • Walter Greene, Independent Designer and Builder
    • E. E. Ewbank, Independent Designer
    • Robert Harris, Independent Designer, Designer for Jeanneau, others
    • Guy Ribadeau Dumas, Independent Designer
    • Dieter Blank, Independent Designer
    • Eric A. Ogden, Independent Designer, Marine Surveyor
    • Lynn Senour, Independent Designer, Designer for Nordic Tugs, American Tugs, Delta Marine
    • Dudley Dix, Independent Designer
    • Glenn Henderson, Director of Engineering, Hunter Marine Corporation
    • Stephen Pollard, Independent Designer
    • David Beach, Independent Designer, Architect for NMMA
    • Jay Coyle, Independent Designer, Technical Editor for Yachting Magazine
    • Doug Zurn, Independent Designer
    • Bob (Robert L.) Watkins, Chief Naval Architect at Derecktor Shipyard
    • John Cherubini, Independent Designer, Designer Founder Cherubini Yachts
    • Bob Loeser, Head Of American Bureau Of Shipping Yacht Division
    • Walter Altmann, Architect/Designer for Knight & Carver
    • Richard McBride, Independent Designer
    • Dave Napier, Designer, Bertram
    • Fred Geiger, Designer, Trumpy
    • Robert F. MacNeill, Independent Designer, Marine Consultant, Former President Carver Boats
    • Walter G. Hahn, Designer, American Custom Yachts
    • Gerry Douglas, President and Designer, Catalina Yachts
    • Richard C. Lazzara, Designer, Lazzara Yachts, Gulfstar
    • David Pugh, VP Engineering, Glacier Bay Catamarans, Designer Maxum Yachts
    • Livingston Brooks, Designer, Hatteras Yachts
    • Michael E. Hartline, Head of Design & Engineering, Cabo Yachts, Engineering Supervisor, Ocean Yachts
    • William C. Frank, Designer, Offshore Yacht Design
    • Ken Hankinson, Hankinson Associates, Designer Glen-L Marine Designs
    • Richard S. Brooke, Independent Designer, Surveyor for RINA
    • Don Beeck, Designer, Burger Boat Company
    • G.M. Bruce Livingston Jr., Director/Plant Manager, Grand Banks Yachts
    • Don Flippen, Vice President Engineering, Egg Harbor Yacht Company
    • John “Chad” Chadwick, Designer, Jack Hargrave and Hargrave Custom Yachts
    • Eric Henseval, Independent Designer, Architect for Van Peteghem-Lauriot-Prevost (MVP-VLP), Arradon Team
    • Patrick J. Bray, Independent Designer
    • John Van Hoboken, Vice-President of Research, Chris-Craft
    • Massimo Gregori, Independent Designer
    • Luc St. Onge, Designer, Doral
    • Andrew R. Setzer, Independent Designer
    • Bruce Roberts-Goodson, Independent Designer
    • Otto Ranchi, Independent Designer
    • George Meese, Independent Designer
    • D.A.J. (Dan) Parker, Designer & President, Monaro Marine Ltd.
    • George Menezes, Designer, Sabre
    • Daniel L. Chamberlain, Designer, Luhrs/Mainship, Engineer SP Systems/Gurit
    • Jack Hornor, Independent Designer & Marine Surveyor
    • James Loeschen, Designer, Jack Hargrave and Hargrave Custom Yachts
    • J. Henry Martinak, Independent Designer, Designer Café Yachts
    • Thurber Whitey, Project Manager, Rybovich Spencer
    • Stephen L. Davis, Marine Illustrator
    • Peter Eikenberry, USCG Officer, Boating Safety
    • Lysle Gray, USCG Civilian Supervisor Of Boating Safety, Former President American Boat & Yacht Council
    • Nicholas DiMatteo, Designer, Tom Fexas Yacht Design
    • John Kingdon, Designer, American Bureau Of Shipping
    • Bob Basnight, Marine Artist, Designer, Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Norfolk Naval Shipyard
    • Norman Nudelman, Independent Designer, Former President Westlawn
    • Andrew Eaton, Designer, Bakewell-White Yacht Design
    • James "Kimo" Worthington, Director Of Sailing Operations America3 Team, Shore Manager, Disney’s “Black Pearl” Volvo Ocean Race Team
    • David Fox, Designer, US Navy Combatant Craft
    • John Swarbrick, Designer “Taskforce” Australian America’s Cup defense: “Kookaburra I, II & III”
    • William A. Schumacher, Independent Designer
    • Rodney Cull, 2nd Engineer, 375-ft Lurssen Motoryacht "Pelorus"
    • Jim Kyle, Head of R&D/Production, Bowmar Marine
    • James Backus, Independent Designer, Designer For Pearson, Robert Perry, Former President Westlawn
    • Ivan Erdevicki, Independent Designer, Designer for Bertram
    • Karl Junghans, Independent Designer, Designer for Crhis Craft, Broward, Rybovich
    • Edwin E. Echols, Jr., Chief Designer, Alan C. McClure Associates, Inc.
    • Glyn Hutchinson, Captain 150-ft Palmer Johnson Motoryacht "Amorazur II"
    • Don Blackman, Designer, Blackman Boats
    • Kevin Dibley, Independent Designer
    • Brad Wood, Designer, Craig Loomes Design Group Limited
    • Dave Robertson, Independent Designer, President Gig Harbor Boatworks
    • Harold Conway, Managing Member, C&S Boatworks LLC
    • Wolfgang Schneider, Independent Designer, Designer Marine Concepts, Invader Boats, Silverline
    • J. “Jopie” Helsen, President, Sailor’s Wharf Yacht Yard
    • Cortland Steck, Independent Designer, Designer Manta Catamarans, Hunter Marine
    • François Chevalier, Professor of Naval Architecture, University of Nantes, Marine Author, Marine Artist, Illustrator, Journalist
    • William J. Lind, Former Senior Designer, Sparkman & Stephens, Director of Engineering, Americas Division of American Bureau of Shipping
    • David B. Wyman, Naval Architect, Ocean Engineer, Marine Surveyor
    • Jerry Swartz, Designer, Island Packet Boats
    • Rolf ven der Sleen, Designer, Grampian
    • Glen L. Witt, Designer, Glen-L Marine Designs
    • Laurie McGowan, Independent Designer
    • Mike Waller, Independent Designer
    • Arch McTainsh, Designer, Nautic Marine

    *Many Westlawn students have gone on to successful careers in the marine industry even without completing the entire Westlawn program.

    America’s Cup Campaigns with Westlawn Alumni as Team Members

    • 12M “Columbia” Team
    • 12M “Weatherly” Team
    • 12M “Defender” Team
    • 12M “Courageous” Team
    • 12M “American Eagle” Team
    • 12M “Taskforce” Team - “Kookaburra I, II & III,”
    • 12M “Nippon Challenge” Team
    • 12M “Challenge France” Team
    • 12M “Stars & Stripes” Team
    • 12M “USA” Team
    • 12M “America3” Team
    • IAC “Young America” Team
    • IAC “Prada” Team
    • IAC “America One”
    • IAC “Ville de Paris” Team
    • IAC “Team New Zealand”
    • IAC “Team Alinghi”
    • IAC “BMW Oracle Racing Team”
    • IAC “Team Shosholoza”
    • IAC “Team Victory Challenge”
    • AC 32 “BMW Oracle”
    • AC 33 “BMW Oracle”
    • AC 34 “Artemis AC45”

    Designers, Organizations & Professional Associations
    (in addition to the above who have employed Westlawn alumni & students)

    • Sparkman & Stephens
    • Farr Yacht Design Ltd.
    • Robert Perry
    • C.W. "Chuck" Paine
    • Pedrick Yacht Design, Inc.
    • Tripp Design, Naval Architecture
    • Riechel Pugh
    • Coutts Justin Design
    • Glade Johnson Design, Inc.
    • Paola D. Smith
    • Jack W. Sarin Naval Architects
    • Alan Andrews Yacht Design
    • Alan C. McClure Associates, Inc.
    • John W. Gilbert Associates, Inc.
    • M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc.
    • MacLear & Harris, Inc.
    • E.Y.E. Marine Consultants
    • Kelsall Catamarans
    • A. E. “Bill” Luders, Jr.
    • William Atkin/Atkin & Co.
    • Laurie Davidson
    • Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd.
    • Paul Bieker
    • Francis & Francis
    • Nigel Gee & Associates/BMT Group
    • IMT Marine Consultants Limited
    • Studio Scanu
    • Groupe Faroux
    • Benford Design Group
    • Ross And Associates PTY Limited
    • Van Peteghem-Lauriot-Prevost (MVP-VLP)
    • Craig Loomes Design Group Limited
    • Arradon Team
    • Brazil I Volvo Ocean Race Program
    • Ericson 4 Volvo Ocean Race Program
    • Setzer Design Group
    • Bakewell-White Yacht Design
    • Marine Concepts
    • Sharp Design
    • A.M.2 Naval Architecture
    • Michael Porter
    • Overing Yacht Designs
    • Moose Island Design
    • International Marine Enterprise
    • NavCal Marine Services
    • Navalex International, Inc.
    • Lee Dana and Associates
    • North Sails
    • Sailboats Northeast, Inc.
    • Z Sails
    • Southern Spars
    • Hood Yacht Systems
    • Bowmar Marine
    • Composite Engineering
    • United States Coast Guard
    • United States Navy
    • Naval Sea Systems Command
    • Ultradynamics/Ultrajet
    • Boeing
    • Fraser Aero Technology
    • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
    • The Walt Disney Company
    • Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
    • SP Systems
    • Watts for Yachts
    • The Northern Lights Marine Group, Inc.
    • N.D. Yachts
    • Manchester Marine Group
    • Offshore Yacht Service
    • Sailor’s Wharf Yacht Yard
    • Berti and Lewis Replicas
    • Prospection Pty Ltd
    • Fraser Yachts Worldwide, MC
    • Union River Boat Company
    • Aerospace at Sea-Level LTD
    • American Bureau of Shipping
    • American Boat & Yacht Council
    • National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    • Department of Public Works, Halifax Nova Scotia
    • National Marine Manufacturers Association
    • Panama Canal Commission
    • RINA (Registro Italiano Navale)
    • Boating Magazine
    • Sail Magazine
    • Yachting Magazine
    • Professional Boatbuilder Magazine
    • Offshore Magazine
    • Performance Boats Magazine
    • University of Nantes
    • Sul Ross State University
    • Skagit Valley College
    • Art Center College of Design

    Boatbuilders who have employed Westlawn alumni and students

    • Abeking & Rasmussen
    • Admiral Marine Works
    • Advanced Fiberglass Industries
    • A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.
    • Allied Boat Company
    • Amels
    • American Custom Yachts
    • American Tugs
    • Apple Creek Boatworks
    • Avondale Shipyards
    • Bayliner
    • Bertram
    • Blackman Boats
    • Blue Seas
    • Bluewater Yacht Builders Ltd
    • BMC Design Ltd
    • Bollinger’s Machine Shop and Shipyard
    • Bradford Marine Group, Inc.
    • Bradley Boat
    • Britton Boat and Canoe
    • Broward
    • Bruckmann Yachts
    • Bruno Stillman
    • Burger Boat Co.
    • C&C Yachts
    • C&S Boatworks, LLC
    • C. A. Surdyke and Company
    • Cabotcraft
    • Cabo Yachts
    • Café Yachts
    • Carija Boatworks
    • Cape Dory Yachts
    • Cape Yachts
    • Carver Boats
    • Catalina Yachts
    • Century Boats
    • Chantiers Navales de Biot
    • Chaparral Boats
    • Cheoy Lee Shipyard
    • Cherubini Yachts
    • Chris Craft
    • Christensen Shipyards
    • Clipper Marine
    • Cobalt Boats
    • Columbia Yacht Corporation
    • CompositeWorks
    • Conrad Industries
    • CW Hood Yachts, Inc.
    • Davis Boatworks
    • Delta Marine
    • Derecktor Shipyards
    • DESCO Marine
    • De Vries Shipyard
    • Dickson Marine
    • Doral
    • Douglas Marine Craft
    • Driscoll Boat Works
    • Dyna Craft
    • Eagle Yachts
    • Egg Harbor
    • Elan
    • Ericson Yachts
    • Feadship
    • Ferretti
    • Fibercraft, Inc.
    • F.lli Marchi Boatyard
    • Fjord
    • Fountain
    • Four Winns
    • General Dynamics/Electric Boat
    • Glacier Bay Catamarans
    • Godfrey Marine
    • Gowen Marine
    • Grady White Boats
    • Grampian
    • Grand Banks
    • Gulf Craft
    • Gulfstar
    • Halmatic
    • Hans Christian Yachts
    • Hargrave Custom Yachts
    • Harris
    • Harstad Trawler Co.
    • Hatteras Yachts
    • Henderson Yachts
    • Heesen Shipyards
    • Helmsman Marine, Inc.
    • Hi Star
    • Hinckley Yachts
    • Hodgdon Yachts
    • Huckins Yacht Corporation
    • Hunter Marine Corporation
    • Hustler
    • Incat Crowther
    • Intermarine Savannah
    • Invader Boats
    • Irwin Yachts
    • Island Packet Yachts
    • Islander Yachts
    • J/Boats
    • Jamestown Metal Marine Sales, Inc.
    • Jarvis Newman
    • Jeanneau
    • Jefferson Yachts
    • Jersey Yachts
    • JFA Shipyard
    • John Williams Boat Company
    • Jongert
    • JS Yachts
    • K&M Yachtbuilders
    • Kanter Yacht
    • KMT Nord – Composite Sailing Solutions
    • Knight & Carver
    • Krogen Express Yachts, LLC
    • L’arte S.t.l.
    • Lantana Boatyard
    • Lazzara Yachts
    • Luhrs/Mainship
    • Maierform S.A.
    • Manta Catamarans
    • Mapso
    • Marchi
    • Mares
    • Mariah Boats
    • Marine Concepts
    • Maxum Yachts
    • Metalcraft Marine
    • Mickelson Yachts
    • Mikazaki International
    • Mochi Craft
    • Modutech Marine, Inc.
    • Moise Cadorette
    • Monaro Marine Ltd.
    • NASSCO (National Steel and Shipbuilding Co – General Dynamics)
    • Nautaline
    • Nautic Marine
    • Navar Inc.
    • Network Marine
    • Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.
    • Nimble Boats
    • Norsafe
    • Northwind Marine
    • Nordhaven
    • Nordic Tugs
    • Norfolk Naval Shipyard
    • Nor-Tech High Performance Boats
    • North American Fiberglass Molding
    • Ocean Sky Boatworks
    • Ocean Yachts
    • OMC
    • P.A.E. Boatbuilders
    • Pacemaker
    • Pacific Seacraft
    • Palmer Johnson
    • Pan Oceanic Marine
    • Pearson Yachts
    • Prairie Boat Works, Inc.
    • Pursuit Fishing Boats
    • Ranger Yachts
    • Riostar
    • Robertson and Caine
    • Royal Denship
    • Rybovich Spencer
    • S2 Yachts
    • Sabre Yachts
    • Safehaven Marine
    • Santa Cruz Yachts
    • Santana Yachts
    • Seacraft Shipyard Corporation
    • Seafarer Yachts
    • Seaforth Marine Group
    • Seaswirl
    • Service Marine
    • Shipbuilders Ltd.
    • Shipman Carbon Yachts
    • Silverline Boats
    • Skipper
    • Soca Sailboats
    • Solcio
    • Southern Spars
    • Spectrum
    • SR Sailboats
    • St. Augustine Marine
    • Sunwand Yachts
    • Swiftships
    • Tan Boat Ltd
    • Tartan
    • Tayana Yachts
    • Tiara Yachts
    • Timmerman Yachts
    • Todd Shipyards
    • Tomco Marine Group, Inc.
    • Tornado
    • Trinity Yachts
    • Trojan
    • Trumpy
    • US Marine
    • Van Dam Woodcraft
    • Viking Yachts
    • VSR Lab d.o.o.
    • W.D. Schock Corp.
    • Wayfarer Yachts
    • Wellcraft
    • Westerly Marine, Inc.
    • Westport Shipyards
    • Westsail
    • Whitby Boatworks
    • Wooden Boatshop

    Dave Gerr, CEng FRINA
    Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology
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    Dave, answer simple question about naval architecture, to the readers: do You have a degree in naval architecture or not? Just simple question, needs simple answer yes or no, and if 'yes', from where?
  3. Alik
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    What I am trying to say, we should always be careful claiming something, even for advertising purposes.

    There is introductory distance learning course in naval architecture taught by Lloyds Maritime Academy.
    I am not sure how good is the course, but director of the course is reputable professional. But in no case this course gives the degree in naval architecture; they do not claim that.
  4. FMS
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    There is no distance learning program that is the equivalent of a full 4+ year on campus naval architecture program.
    A degree is also not a guarantee of success.

    My recommendation is to create an "SOR" for your education.

    Specify the limits and extent of the yachts you want to design.

    Specify where you might want to work.

    Contact alumni of each school and hear for yourself how satisfied they are with their choices.

    Then evaluate how your choice will advance your goals and whether it will provide the connections you need to go further.

    Westlawn and it's staff are well respected in the USA. It has a large number of successful alumni in the USA within the recreational boating industry. This is not an easy sector to make a career in compared with commercial naval architecture because it's discretionary spending and the number of jobs is limited and not stable.

    Westlawn is accredited by RINA, the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

    Westlawn is also a partner with ABYC which is one of the industry's largest organizations in the USA. ABYC, the American Boat and Yacht Council, is a name easily recognized in the USA, on par with the NMMA, etc.
  5. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    Again, what is 'accredited'? Is it course accreditation? As far as know, correct me if I am wrong, RINA accepts Westlawn alumni for membership, in case if other membership criteria are complied, that's it.
  6. Mr Efficiency
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    Very lawyer-ish question, this. :D
  7. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    But I know the answer; just need to hear this for public :D
  8. FMS
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    FMS Senior Member

    RINA says to accredit a school it "will consider the content of the course for its scope and applicability to the design and construction of maritime vessels and structures. It will also consider the methods and quality of delivery of the course, and the output standards set for successful completion of the course."

    What Westlawn says is that:


    The RINA press release says:
  9. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    I really loath to wade into this, however:

    To be a full member of RINA, the person must have (academically):
    "..Holding an approved diploma or degree in a subject relevant to the design, construction, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures;.."*


    So begs the question is the course approved as opposed to "accredited"..?

    Well, it is murky, but if one wishes to clarify what the institution means by a naval architect, it means being eligible to be a charted engineer, C.Eng. And it is much clearer in that RINA is referring to being a professional naval architect:

    The exemplifying academic qualifications for registration are:
    Chartered Engineer (CEng):

    an accredited integrated MEng degree or equivalent

    an accredited Bachelors degree with Honours, or equivalent,

    an appropriate accredited Masters degree

    further learning to Masters level Postgraduate Diplomas are not exemplifying qualifications, though they may be accepted on an individual basis as meeting part or all of further learning requirements..."

    So being accredited is fine. It means it is recognised as a course that provides students with an understanding of naval architecture. But it does not describe or note the required depth or level. Only when one wishes to become a professional naval architect, i.e. being eligible to be a C.Eng. is it clear that the academic side is much more than one is lead to believe simply by being an "accredited" course.

    Is this a problem??...well, it depends upon ones carer path and whether one wishes to "draw" boats or "design" from first principals. Some prefer the former, some the is a personal choice. So, pick the course that suits your career path. Being the head of R&D at QinetQ or DTMB etc one assumes a different path/course to one who wishes to just get their hands on "drawing boards" drawing per se etc. and no more.

    The problem is execrated by the fact that being a naval architect, in the UK at least, in name only does not require any formal qualifications, anyone can call themselves a NA. However, if one wishes to be a Professional NA..then clearly the route is there for all to see when becoming a C.Eng, and then MRINA, it is academically higher than one might first imagine.

    ** on applying for registration1.pdf
  10. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    This is exactly the case of Westlawn alumni calling themselves NA without having any formal degree. Starting from their director :D

    So now we have NA and 'NA' in the industry... I wonder why these people just not calling themselves boat designers that truly represents their skills.
  11. Alik
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    Alik Senior Member

    Thanks, good link. So they accredit the course to meet the requirements for membership.

    Note the underlined words. It is all about yacht and boat design, there is no use of phrase 'small craft naval architecture' as David stated. And this is self explanatory!
  12. Hampus
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    Hampus Junior Member

    Hello Damian.

    I was in the exact same position as you are. After thinking about it for a few years I finally made a decission a year ago and enrolled at MacNaughton Yacht Design school

    The decission was between MacNaughton and Westlawn. I went with MacNaughton mainly for two reasons; After mailing with them I had a good feeling and I liked the curriculum better than That of Westlawn. The second one was financial reasons. Westlawn charges you for four rather expensive modules, while at MacNaughton you pay per lesson. I'm about a quarter of the way through the course now. Having learned a tremendous amount already, I' very happy with my choice. Then again, I don't really have anything to compare with.

    Good luck!
  13. Damian3716
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    Damian3716 Junior Member

    Guys, I think I must be missing something here. I posted a simple question about whether anybody knew of any distance learning naval architecture degree courses and it seemed nobody did. Therefore, due to the fact that I'm unable to study at a conventional university, I stated that I may do the Westlawn course. I never at any point suggested that I was of the understanding that westlawn had a degree course. Furthermore, I have never seen anything from Westlawn claiming their course is a degree course. In fact, they specifically state that this is not the case on their website and in their course catalog.
    Suddenly, though, people appear from out of the woodwork ready to discredit them however possible. Certain people clearly have their own agendas and are not offering honest impartial advice which is what I was looking for when I posted the original question.
    I have done my homework on Westlawn and they are clearly a well respected organisation within the industry and their graduates are well received. Despite this, which I feel is pretty indisputable, people have hijacked my genuine request for advice to bash them.
  14. CDBarry
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    CDBarry Senior Member

    Just as a small note, I had a friend who also wanted to be a yacht designer, so he got a job as a drafter in a ship design firm and went to night school in engineering, beginning at the community college level, then some part time courses, while he also worked up to a job as a senior HVAC designer.

    At some point he figured out that yacht design and even conventional naval architecture really wasn't what he was looking for in terms of combining the esthetic and practical aspects of design and actualy making a living and switched to regular architecture, got a degree and a license, and has now a nice practice in Northern California doing (both designing and building) energy efficient, environmentally friendly residences and small commercial buildings. The key was realizing that there are a lot more buildings than boats.

    That said, it is often possible to get a mechanical or civil engineering degree locally, then a one year masters at one of the universities that do have NAME might not be out of reach, and there are plenty of people who have done exactly this route - I worked with a fellow who did exactly that after ten years in the Air Force, with a wife and child and several years as an electronics technician, ended up finishing his NA degree at Michigan and eventually got a P.E. license.

    He then worked at Bertram, at Burger, for a small design firm, and at both small and large shipyards, then worked for the government for a while and retired.

    There are a lot of routes, it just depends on you.

  15. u4ea32
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    u4ea32 Senior Member

    Westlawn has 56462 alumni and current students as of December 9, 2014. Fifty six thousand four hundred sixty two.
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