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    No man who has designed more sailing ships, his name - Zygmunt Choreń. \"Youth\", \"Fryderyk Chopin\", \"Alexander von Humboldt\" a newly built, Vietnamese \"Le Quy Don\"-these are just some of his projects. Out of his hand came out the biggest floating out sailing unit \"Royal Clipper\", which soon will give the Palm of Victory to another colossal ship , of course, also designed by Gdańsk engineer. As if that wasn't enough, in the yard "Remontowa" - Shipbuilding just arises in Gdansk, the 110-meter high school class frigate for Algeria. Choreń is called the father of sailing ships, although he prefers the term \"kid of luck\". This year celebrated the 74. birthday, but enthusiasm can envy many a teenagers. 23 years leading office design Choreń Design & Consulting, widely regarded as the best in the world. See the most beautiful ships, which he designed.

    Original text in Polish: (try - Google Translate),35636,19111418.html#ixzz3q3GVGPfm
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