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Discussion in 'Education' started by deeps, Feb 6, 2006.

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    hi this is deeps
    I m a mechanical engineer employed as a marine engineering officer on board a crude oil tanker.I wish to change my career and do some designing instead. to be precise I m planning to go for an Msc in naval architecture from UK. Any of u guys out there in this feild or situation could help me out with this dilemma.
    I am not sure about the market and consequent job opportunities thereafter.
    would it be wise to leave my current job at this juncture and go for a completely
    new career, where i aint sure whether my sailing experience would be of any use and to top it all most people I talked to ,have put this idea into my head that there is a shortage of job opportunities for freshers.
    help me out...
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    Raggi_Thor Nav.arch/Designer/Builder

    I would keep the job and start designing boats in the spare time as a start. If you want to design ships that's maybe easier to get into.
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