Naval Architect Openings USCG Yard, Baltimore MD

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    Naval Architect at USCG Yard, Baltimore MD


    Vacancy Announcements for two Naval Architect, GS-0871-5/7/9/11/12,
    Ann. #s 17-2046-NE-KB-M and 17-2046-NE-KB-D

    The subject announcements have been posted on the USAJOBS website at the following links:

    Merit Promotion: Naval Architect, GS-871-5/7/9/11/12

    Delegated Examining: Naval Architect, GS-871-5/7/9/11/12

    Closes 22 August 2017


    Note that there are two means to apply for this position, so there are two different announcements:

    "Merit" means you are already a federal employee, or in certain other categories, such as a veteran - sometimes called a "status candidate". Apply under ...476429100

    "Delegated Examining" means you are not. Apply under ...476433400

    Both announcements are for the same positions.

    Note also that U.S. citizenship is required.
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