Naval Architect Needed - Boston, MA

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Chris Centola, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Chris Centola
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    Chris Centola New Member

    I have a client in Boston looking for a Naval Architect. This is a direct position with benefits. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

    Job Description:
    Salary: 100 - 125K

    • Hydrostatics and stability analysis of typical and atypical floating bodies
    • Hydrodynamics and development of floating body response to environment
    • Resistance and drag analysis on complex structures such as nets
    • Structural analysis of offshore floating and submerged platforms: global and local strength, buckling, fatigue, lifting
    • Primary and detail structural design of steel and aluminum
    • Mooring analysis –OrcaFlex or equivalent software experience beneficial
    • Component and systems design (such as piping or electrical) for supporting equipment on platforms
    • Project and program management
    • Development of tools to support or extend capabilities in way of above mentioned responsibilities
    • Design review of mechanical, systems, and electrical designs
    • Identification and application of industry standards directly or cross-applicable to aquaculture applications
    • Bill-of-material generation for designs and appropriate cost estimation
    • Work with vendors, fabricators, and shipping companies to develop costs
    • Support field R&D teams for installation and testing of designs, both on-site and from-office
    • Meet with clients to understand needs, increase efficiencies, and develop projects to accomplish goals
    • Assist management with presentation of technologies
    • Cross-train, teach, and assist other engineers of varying experience levels

    Required Experience and Qualifications:

    • B.S. in Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, or Marine Engineering required; M.S. an advantage
    • Strong understanding of the fundamental principles of structures, dynamics, and fluid mechanics
    • Experience with structural analysis software beneficial: FEMAP, ANSYS, SACS, STAAD
    • Experience with stability software beneficial: Orca3d
    • Knowledge of CAD software for design development; AutoCAD, Solidworks, or Rhinoceros 3D experience preferred
    • 10 years of experience in maritime field, applicants with less may be considered if they have significant shipyard or construction management experience
    • Proficiency with ABS, DNV, and other maritime standards
    • Knowledge of API and aquaculture specific standards beneficial
    • Proficiency with AISC Steel Construction Manual absolutely necessary and Aluminum Design Manual beneficial
    • Proficiency with lifting equipment and rigging design
    • Excellent English communication skills; Spanish beneficial
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office
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  2. CDBarry
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    CDBarry Senior Member

    You may want to put some information to contact you directly in your post.
  3. Chris Centola
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    Chris Centola New Member

    This position actually just got filled but I will add my contact info to the Dir of Engineering position I posted. That one is still open.
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