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    Anowarul Bashar, Ph.D
    1410-210 Oak Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 2C9
    Tel: 416-214-0407 (H), E-mail:

    Objective: Seeking a suitable position in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering or related field

    Summary of Qualifications

    · Ph.D. in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering and both masters & undergraduate degrees are as well from the same discipline
    · 10+ years of professional and research experience in marine institutions and organizations in solving various types of problems in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
    · Invented a new theory named Weight Function Method (WFM) in the domain structural analysis and developed computer programs to solve specific problems
    · Experienced with FEA in analyzing ship structural problems by WFM and conventional FEM and modelled 2-D and 3-D solid structures
    · Computer Skills: FORTRAN 90, C++, ANSYS 6.0, Auto ship, Tribon
    · Excellent communication skills. Highly motivated and dedicated team player with strong interpersonal skills, sincere, co-operative and a dynamic professional varied experience working with peoples of diverse backgrounds


    D. Engineering (Naval Architecture & Ocean Engg.), Yokohama National University, Japan, 2003
    Thesis: Numerical Weight Function Method for Structural Analysis of Ships

    M. Sc. Engineering (Naval Architecture & Marine Engg.), BUET, Dhaka, 1991
    [Assessed and recognized by Canadian Council of Professional Engineers in 1999]
    Thesis: Evaluation Performance of a Public Sector Dockyard

    B. Sc. Engineering, (Naval Architecture & Marine Engg.), BUET, Dhaka, 1991
    [Assessed and recognized by Canadian Council of Professional Engineers in 1999]
    Final Year Project Thesis: Ship Repairing Facilities in Bangladesh

    Computer/Software Skills

    · Operating System : Windows 2000, NT and XP
    · Programming Language : FORTRAN 90, C++
    · Application Software : MS Office, ANSYS 6.0, Lab VIEW, Auto ship, AutoCAD, Tribon

    Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Related Areas of Knowledge

    Ship Design, Ship Structure, Structural Analysis, Finite Element Methods, Fracture Mechanics, Shipbuilding Technology, Marine Dynamics, Marine Hydrodynamics, Sea Keeping Performance, Boundary Layer Theory, Resistance & Propulsion of Ships, Ship Hull Vibration, Design of Inland Waterway Transportation System, Marine Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Marine Transportation System, Industrial Management, Shipyard Practice, Shipbuilding Materials, Advanced Mathematics

    Professional Experience and Accomplishments

    Asstt. Process Control Manager: General Motors of Canada Ltd., Truck Assembly Plant, Oshawa
    · Investigation of root cause with production and supplier quality personnel
    · Solving of problems concerned to process control and vehicle assembly department by statistical problem solving format, Red-X

    Research Scholar: Structural Intelligence Laboratory, Department of Systems Design for Ocean-Space, Yokohama National University, Japan 10/2001–09/2003

    · Performed structural analysis at critical locations in complicated ship-structures for varieties of loading conditions in still water and in different wave conditions and for symmetric and non-symmetric loading conditions by the WFM and compared those with the conventional FEM software, ANSYS. This WFM is very much useful in complicated structures, for varieties of loading conditions for specific geometric constrains where some particular locations are needed to analyze. The WFM is a new dimension in the domain of structural analysis and this methodology can be applied in any type of structural field
    · Performed Finite Element Modeling and stress analysis of different ship structures approved by various ship classification societies of many countries
    · Served as a training instructor on – application of Finite Element Method in marine and structural problems. Trained more than 30 engineers from different countries in this program

    Instructor (Naval Architect): Dept. of Marine Technology, Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology, Bangladesh 08/1994– 09/2001

    · Performed the course co-ordination and trained marine diploma students and other trainees
    · Conducted On-the-Job training (co-op program) in the ocean going vessels for the trainers and mariners
    · Conducted ship building, pontoon and some other public development projects
    · Conducted the undergraduate course for the Engineering University students offered by BIMT

    Project Officer (Naval Architect)

    · Marine House, Dhaka, Bangladesh 07/1997 – 12/1998
    · Brothers Consultant and Engineers Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh 08/1996 – 07/1997
    · China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), Dhaka, Bangladesh 08/1994 – 07/1996

    · Supervised 600 fishing trawlers for the fishermen.
    · Supervised fiberglass boat for the ministries of defence, transportation and fisheries
    · Provided technical supports and specification and other engineering solutions
    · Prepared and reviewed a number of engineering projects.
    · Calculated weights, trim and stability of a number of ships
    · Performed inclining experiments of a number of vessels
    · Developed architectural solutions and ship design
    · Planned and estimated the cost of ships (new building and repair) and submitted tender
    · Other consultancy jobs related to the shipyards and customer’s query and satisfactions
    · Other jobs can be illustrated by the following paragraphs

    Naval Architect/Naval Craft Project Officer: Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd., Bangladesh

    · Supervised Naval Vessels (New building and Repairing) of ministry of defence
    · Designed and prepared the drawings of inland, coastal and small sea going ships and supervised construction
    · Planned, monitored and coordinated ship-building, outfitting and other engineering departments
    · Estimated materials, machinery and costs for ships and other allied engineering works
    · Made the specification of ships and also technical specifications of materials, machinery and equipment
    · Assisted the surveyors of different ship classification societies (e.g. ABS, LRS, NK) and owner surveyors during survey
    · Performed the test and trial of machinery and vessel after completion of construction
    · Liaised with customers, foreign experts and consultants, classification societies and transport corporations
    · Distributed and supervised the works of foremen, supervisors, platters, welders, grinders and machine-men
    · Performed mould loft works, which include checking of films for optical, flame cutting machine, templates and end-cutting of profiles/stiffeners and other lofting works
    · Supervised prefabrication, fabrication, fitting and ******** of works of steel and aluminum structures/vessels
    · Conducted the undergraduate course for the Engineering University students offered by DEW Ltd

    Teaching Assistant: Dept. of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh 06/1991– 02/1992
    · Instructed undergraduate students on strength of materials and conducted laboratory works

    Scholarships and Awards

    · Junior school scholarship in S.S.C classes
    · Board scholarship in H.S.C courses for brilliant performance in S.S.C examination
    · Board scholarship in undergraduate courses for brilliant performance in H.S.C examination
    · Monbusho (Japan Government) scholarship for doctoral study
    · Special awards for 100% attendance in undergraduate and post-graduate courses

    Volunteer Works in Canada

    Project Planner & Community Volunteer: Community Action Center of George Smitherman, M.P.P. and Ontario Health Minister, 120 Carlton Street, Suite 413, Toronto, Canada
    06/2004– Present
    · Planning and coordinating of various projects involved with foreign trained professionals
    · Doing research with the community problems and solving the specific problems

    Volunteer: Bill Graham’s (Defence Minister) Re-election Campaign, Toronto, Canada
    05/2004– 06/2004
    · Performed door-to-door election campaign
    · Performed official works in election campaign office
    · Performed as an election representative of Liberal Party in polling center on 28th June, 2004

    Math Tutor: JUMP, 222 College St., Toronto, Canada 04/2004– Present
    · Tutoring mathematics in Junior Grades of Lord Dufferin School and Nelson Mandela Park School.

    Volunteer: The Lung Association, 523 King St., Toronto, Canada 02/2004– Present
    · Data Processing and modifying the donor’s records by using the software Raiser’s Edge

    · “Formulation of Structural Analysis by Numerical Weight Function Method”-Proceedings of the Computational Engineering Conference, JSCES, volume 8 (2003)
    · “Analysis of Plate Structures by the Weight Function Method-Formulation for two-dimensional elasticity and plate structures-”- Proceedings, The Society of Naval Architects of Japan, May, 2003
    · “Numerical Weight Function Method for Structural Analysis-Formulation for two-dimensional elasticity and plate structures-” – Journal of the Society of Naval Architects of Japan, volume 193 (2003)
    · “Ship Repairing Facilities and its future Prospect in Bangladesh.”- Paper presented in the Third Annual Paper Meet, IEB, October, 1996
    · “Feasibility of Hull Block Construction Method and Technology Transfer in Bangladesh.”- Paper Presented in the Technical Seminar, IEB, December, 1995
    · “Feasibility of Construction of Ro-Ro Ferries and Landing Stations in Local Dockyards of Bangladesh.” -paper published in the proceedings, The First Annual Paper Meet-1994 of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) in October, 1994

    Professional Membership

    · Student Member, Society of Naval Architects of Japan (SNAJ).
    · Professional Engineer, F-5814 (Life Fellow), Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).
    · Member, Association of Bangladeshi Engineers of Ontario (ABEO)
    · Membership Applicant (100081023) of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)


    Professor Dr. Yoichi Sumi (Supervisor), Department of Systems Design for Ocean-Space
    Yokohama National University, Tokiwadai 79-5, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-8501, Japan,
    Tel:+81-45-339-4091, Fax:+81-45-339-4099, Email:

    Keren Morehead, P.Eng., PCM Manager, Truck Assembly Centre CA1 052-001
    General Motors of Canada Ltd., 1908 Colonel Sam Drive, Oshawa, ON, Canada
    Tel:+1-905-644-7276, Fax:+ 1-905-644-4347, Email:

    Bill Graham, M.P. and Defence Minister, 365 Bloor St. E., Suite 1805, Toronto, Canada, M4W 3L4. Tel- 416-954-2222, Fax:416-954-9649,
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    Pls try to get th ebest job
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    You should try Memorial University of Newfoundland. I am a recent graduate from there and they have the only Naval Arch program in Canada. The program of late has been desparate for qualified profs. With your research background it might be worth while. Just a thought.


    Christian Jensen

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    Job Oppertunity in U.A.E

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to know of your availabilty to join our firm as we have a vacancy for a Supervisor in our design Department.if you may be interested please send ud your updated cv
    Best regards
    Sunil K Mathew

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