Naval Architect Book?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Bill_Smith, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Bill_Smith

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    Im wondering if anyone can point me to a entry level Naval Architect book. I have a set of plans and want to start running some calculations from them, such as A/B, D/L etc..

    Any suggestions?
  2. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    Get Principles of Yacht Design by Larsson and Elliasson at your local marine bookstore. You can also likely get it online at There is also the book "Naval Architecture for Non-Naval Architects" by Harry Benford (old professor of mine at Michigan) which is available for the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers ( If you can find one, a very good book is Skene's Elements of Yacht Design, by Francis Kinney. The original Skene's (by Norman Skene) is not as thorough as Kinney's book. Skene's is excellent, but it has been out of print for a long time.

  3. LKurelja
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    Naval Architecture for Non- Naval Architects

    Naval Architecture for Non-Naval Architects by Harry Benford is the best beginning naval architecture book that I have come across. It is in very simple language and touches on all the major points. A MUST READ.
  4. webbwash
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    A quick comment on Skene's tho is that it is directed towards displacement sailing hulls, and not the current crop of tupperware or even lightweight higher speed planing craft. That being said it is an excellant reference for those who are small craft minded.

    For the "larger boat" student Benford does provide a practical view of that side of the market. And if you REALLY want to start to get into the depth of the business then the old standbys of "Principles of Naval Architecture" and "Basic Ship Theory" are good texts to peruse.

    And just a word to the wise -- Benford has been around a LONG time and somehow Archimedes may look up to him for guidance. --

    Have fun

  5. Dutch Peter
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    Dutch Peter Senior Member

  6. Bill_Smith

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    Naval Arch. Book

    Thanks for the link post. A great hook.

    While searching local libraries, I found a "naval architect" book published in 1884... I kind of want to look at it just to see what it is like.

    I also found a local copy of Skenes, from early 60's then several rewrites, one in 1973, and one in 2001 I think it was.

    ALso got what appears to be a text book, "Introduction to Naval Architecture" a 1996 or 7 rewrite from a 1988 book. I am hoping this has what I need.

    Lots of good stuff out there.
  7. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

    The 1884 book is most likely that frenchman I can't recall right now. A good work on timber backed ironclad structure. A better books is Attwood's 1899 Theoretical Naval Architecture. If you find a copy... COPY/STEAL THAT BOOK!! Lots of good ROTE in Attwood.

    Introduction to Naval Architecture (sold through SNAME) is by Tupper of Basic Ship Theroy (along with Rawson). BST is a larger and better version in my opinion, but INA is a good quick overview, especially for environment and seaway, which most other basic texts handle poorly.
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  8. bill_smith

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    Attwood and early naval arch. books

    the 1884 book is by james Peake, Rudiments of naval architecture.

    The same library has an book co authored by attwood, 1919. by J Mitchell, titled, Naval Architects data. Is this the book being referred to?
  9. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    The 1973 version of Skene's book was very good, it is the edition that I have. I have heard of a reprint of Skene's, by Norman Skene, and it may not have the added material that Francis Kinney added to the earlier versions. So I would go for the 1973 version.

  10. MikeJohns
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    MikeJohns Senior Member

    Just be aware that a few things have changed in naval architecture since the "older" books were published (including skenes), so balance them with modern works and don't get hung up on old outdated arguments for hull form driven by the rating rules of the day.
  11. webbwash
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    webbwash Junior Member

    Mr. Smith --
    Up to now we, your thread meisters have been giving you hints as to where you can go for all sorts of text references.

    What we have no clue about is what kind of craft you are proposing, sail/power, large small, (quasi)commercial/pleasure, etc. Run the design spiral a couple of times and let the good readers know your proposal and maybe the threads can direct you to other more appropriate resources.

    And ---- Attwood & Pengalli "Basic Naval Architecture" or a similar title is another good tome of the genre.

    Have fun and let us know
  12. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    That book is actually called "Theoretical Naval Architecture" by E.L. Attwood and H.S. Pengelly. It was originally published in 1899 in England, and the printing I have is from 1967. The publisher is Longmans, Green & Co., 48 Grosvenor St., London, W1, England.

    It contains great information about basic naval architecture as it was at the time. But it has no information regarding modern yacht design. Still, it is a great basic text.

  13. webbwash
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    webbwash Junior Member

    You are correct with title and spelling my memory is not perfect -- my copy was borrowed many years ago and pre-dated your copy, LOL -

    But we still haven't addressed what Mr Smith wants to achieve with all the information provided. And until he lets us know we will be able to supply him with numerous reference materials, maybe just not the most applicable.

    There are a bunch of boat design books which cover enumerable topics, but untill we know if he needs a classical education or just a rudimentary knowledge we won't be able to advise him appropriately.

    Naval Architect, PE (GenEng - WI), ChEng (NavArch - EU)
    (I can play the name game too, LOL)
    Have a great day
  14. Bill_Smith

    Bill_Smith Guest


    I have found suitable ref material for basic calculations. I really just needed some real basic stuff to get started on and several books here have footed the bill.

    The 1899 book was just kind of a "for fun" to see what it was about.

    thanks for all the info.

  15. joz
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    joz Senior Member

    Here is a book list that is relevant to boats and yachts

    Yacht Design

    • Yacht Design and Planning by Howard I Chapelle ISBN 0-393-03756-8
    • Yacht and Boat Design, questions and answers by R.E.W Kemmish
    ISBN 0-94864652-7
    • Designing Power and Sail by Arthur Edmunds ISBN 1-892216-05-1
    • Cruising Sailboat Kinetics by Danny Greene N.A. ISBN 0-915160-69-2
    • Understanding Boat Design by Ted Brewer ISBN 0-87742-392-X
    • How to Design Boats by John Teale ISBN 0-7136-4914-3
    • Principles of Yacht Design by Lars Larsson and Rolf Eliasson
    ISBN 0-7136-3855-9
    • Teach yourself Navel Architecture by Bill Baxter ISBN 0-948646-53-5
    • Understanding Yacht Design By Ian Nicholson ISBN 1-898660-82-4
    • Boat Strength by Dave Gerr ISBN 0-07-0231594
    • Boat Data Book 4th edition by Ian Nicholson ISBN 0-7136-3953-9
    • Preliminary Design of Boats and Ships by Cyril Hamilton N.A.
    ISBN 0-87033-391-7
    • Cruising Yachts, Design and Performance 4th edition by T Harrison Butler
    ISBN 0-8548-7397-0
    • Elements of Yacht Design By Norman L Skene ISBN 1-57409-134-4
    • Design your Own Yacht by Ben Smith ISBN 0-229-11760-0
    • Using Computers in Yacht Design by Nick Parkyn
    • Aero-Hydrodynamics of sailing 2nd edition by C.A. Marchaj (US Army)
    ISBN 0-7136-3740-4
    • Lauren Giles: an evolution of yacht design by Adrian lee and Ruby Philpott
    ISBN 0-7136-3322-0
    • The Propeller Handbook By Dave Gerr ISBN 0-7136-5751-0
    • Smart D.I.Y Boat Ideas by Bruce Bingham N.A ISBN 0-54-07316-4
    • Yacht Designers Handbook By Ian Nicholson ISBN 0333-33070-6
    • Something Borrowed, 101 useful tips for every sailor by Joel Graffley
    ISBN 0-924486-93-7
    • The Sufficient Sailor by Larry and Lin Pardey ISBN 0-393-03269-8
    • Sails, Things That Worked by Sail Magazine (US Magazine published by International Marine)

    Sails and Rigging

    • 103 Small Boat Rigs by Phil Bolger ISBN (Old One 0-87742-182-X) the current one 1-887222-01-4
    • Sailing Rigs and Spars By Mathew Sheahan ISBN 0-85429-753-7
    • Rig Your Dinghy Right by Mark Chisnell and John Hodgart
    ISBN 0-07-029123-3
    • Wing Mast/Soft Sail Rigs by Nick Parkyn
    • Sail Performance: Theory and Practice By C.A.Marchaj (US Army)
    ISBN 0-7136-4123-1

    Boat Building, Maintenance and Repair

    • Composites concepts and Techniques by Nick Parkyn
    • Understanding Composite Design By Nick Parkyn
    • Simpson on Boat Building by Roger Simpson
    • Boat Building with Balteck Durakore by David Brown ISBN 0-07-008212-X
    • Devlins Boat Building by Samual Devlin ISBN 0-07-157990-7
    • Ultralight Boatbuilding by Thomas J Hill ISBN 0-87742-244-3
    • The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction by the Gougeon Brothers
    ISBN 0-87812-166-8
    • Looking After Your Dinghy by Terry Smith ISBN 0-7136-3694-7
    • Build your Own Stich and Glue Dinghy By Ian Smith of the Sydney Wooden Boat School
    • West System Strip Planking By Ian Smith of the Sydney Wooden Boat School
    • Plywood Clinker Construction By Ian Smith of the Sydney Wooden Boat School
    • Building a Traditional Clinker Construction By Ian Smith of the Sydney Wooden Boat School
    • Building the Whiting Skiff By Ian Smith of the Sydney Wooden Boat School
    • Boat Building By Howard I Chapelle
    • Boat Building Manual 3rd edition by Robert M Steward ISBN 0-87742-236-2
    • Small Boat Building By Dave Gannaway ISBN 0-245-52656-0
    • Boat Carpentry by Hervey Garret Smith ISBN (Cloth Version) 0-442-37784-3
    ISBN (Paper Version) 0-442-27794-6
    • Boat Building Methods By Peter Cook ISBN 0-22997498-8
    • Backyard Boat builder, how to build your own wooden boat by John Welsford ISBN 0-700-0312-0


    • How To Build A Boat Trailers by Glen L Witt ISBN 0-939070-08-1
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