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Discussion in 'Outboards' started by dskira, Sep 10, 2010.

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    call them they have a free number. my guess is a cheap Chinese copy.
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    There's may be 25 outboard manufacturers in China,they do OEM (they put whatever name you want on them) and many of them are the same except for cosmetics.

    I'd suggest one does not look too closely as to where their brand name outboard is really made...


    Quick search found they are Korean-maybe contact them and maybe you can buy 5 from them for the same price as one at the store..
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    Nautic goes to great length to hide its roots.
    The domain is registered for "Go Inc", the registrar of many domain names with undisclosed ownership.

    People have various reasons to use an intermediary, for example if you are Yamaha and produce more products than your dealer network can sell, so you create a new "outlet" that cannot be traced back to you.
    Or you are a Chinese who manufactures outboards for Yamaha and have found out that your product is sold for several times the money they pay you to produce it, so you want to earn some pocket money without risking your contract.

    These are just examples. I chose Yamaha because Nautic sells that too, but it may in fact be any other brand as well. Nobody in the Western world is interested in making small outboards anymore. Mercury sells you a Tohatsu as if they made it themselves, or has it painted gray and sells it as a Mariner. In turn, Tohatsu may loose interest in the small stuff as well and have it made by a Chinese company who's name we cannot even pronounce.

    As long as you buy from a well known organization, with warranty, spare parts supply etc. I think the origin of the product is of little importance.
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    Thank you all.
    I will stay away anyway. I don't like when people hide.

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  7. dskira

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    I saw the Persun, but strangely here in the US they are very expensive, more than a Tohatsu or a Mercury (same manufacturer)
    Perhaps I was on a bad website I don't know.
    These outboard are very confusing.
  8. Vulkyn
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    Apparently Parsun is being knocked off by well parsun. There's a load of web sites out there all claiming to be parsun. So you end up with different names, prices, builders. Yep confusing as heck ....

    Very odd that they are expensive, in Austrialia and UK they focus on price and have been doing well as far as i know and from what i have read.

    I was looking to get an engine for the Shoteya i was building, figured would be a nice idea to try a Chinese outboard on it since i have oars and sail for emergency (not to mention friends in rescue boat who can come to my aid should i get in trouble !! lol)
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    Nautic Marine outboard seams gone

    Well, Nautic outboard disappear from the web.
    Good bye I suppose.

  10. Vulkyn
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    There is soooo many outboard builders in china its funny ..... Parsun is the only brand (along with mercury china) that seem to be solid enough to stay in the market. .... only time will tell i guess ...
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