Nasa/langley Ls(1)-0413 (ga(w)-2)

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    I am currently designing a general aviation amphibious aircraft, and am looking at designing the wing. I saw some other posts about a similar airfoil, so I thought some one would be able to answer the question I have.
    What is the position of the maximum thickness of this airfoil?

    NASA/LANGLEY LS(1)-0413 (GA(W)-2)

    Thanks for your replies,
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    You should check this page:
    You can also download foil coordinates by choosing the format (xls, dat or polar) at the right side of the website page.
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    The GAW series of airfoils have been a disappointment. They don't appear to perform as well as one would expect from their wind tunnel test data. Some of the classic series of airfoils might be a better choice.
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    Here's a .dxf file from this profile, generated by ascpoint.lsp as explained in other post (software forum).

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