My version of option one.

Discussion in 'Option One' started by Mark Van, May 4, 2007.

  1. Mark Van
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    Mark Van Junior Member

    I have just recently started looking at this forum, and option one interested me greatly. I recently finished a design that is very close to option one, I think that the only thing different is that the bed has to be made up every night, and there is no place for more than two people to sleep. Mark V 28 dimensions are: LOA 28', beam 7'6", draft 14" and loaded displacement 4,000 lbs[​IMG].

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  2. dick stave
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    dick stave Senior Member

    Its on my to do list, Mark, nice planset, nice boat.
  3. Bergalia
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    My version of option one

    Yes, got to agree - nice plan. But you could make the 'surplus' crew hang from the rigging like bats....:D
  4. Pjitty
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    Pjitty Junior Member

    nice boat,is their a website I can get more info for this boat/or plans...

    Joe D
  5. SamSam
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  6. Pjitty
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    Pjitty Junior Member

    Thanks for the reply...

    Joe D

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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Looks fine .

    Only thought I have is weather the old classic drop windows would work.

    These are usually in a copper channel and either the window or screen or both can be lowered by any amount.
    The setup drains any window leak water outside on to the deck, so rot is prevented.

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