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    Ok here are some of some of my pics as promised. Sorry I took so long but I've been pretty busy and more problems have risen than I expected. I have everything ready and just need to be attached.

    I would finish today but I've run into a small dilemma. Attaching the extra 3 feet to the 8 feet long sides has proven to be harder than just simply applying a butt block. As you can see in the photo the two butt blocks are already attached to the right side, but once I attach the 3' board on the other side, bending becomes a problem. As soon as I start to bend those last few feet the joint starts to crack nearly comes apart. Any ideas as to how I can do this?

    Also, I don't think you can tell by the photo too well but when I curved the sides instead of bending into one smooth curve it bent into this wavy shape. I'm hoping that once I install the chines it will form the smooth curve I'm looking for.

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