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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DavidT03, May 8, 2011.

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    Hello all

    My name is David and im currently studying at the Glasgow Nautical College (Now known as The City of Glasgow College)

    Im currently studying to be Marine Engineer and i have been given the task of redesigning my previous ships HFO tanks so that they adhere to MARPOL regulation 12A.

    Regulation 12A which has been in place since the 1st of August 2010, requires all ships with an aggregate fuel oil capacity of 600m³ or greater to adhere to guidelines which stipulate where fuel tanks can be on board a ship, the minimum distances tanks must be from the outer shells and also states that a maximum fuel capacity per tank to be 2500m³


    This image shows the two wing tanks, HFOW2P and HFOW2S that are no complient as they are not fully double skinned. The void spaces indicated on either side show that the tanks are partially double skinned untill a point and the parts of the tank that are not double skinned must be modified by adding steel plates to the inside of these tanks.

    This image linked here due to its large size is the plan view of the ship showing the tanks HFOW1P, HFOW1S, HFOW2P and HFOW2S. These are the 4 tanks that must be modified.

    Im very unexperienced at naval architecture and im struggling to get to grips with this project, so im basically asking if anyone would be able to help me with at all.

    I know this is my first post and im new to this forum, so if im doing something wrong or posting in the wrong place i appologize.

    Im really stressed out about this so all help is very welcome.



    Edit: Here is the fuel tank spec's

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    To start with, what material is the hull? I would assume steel, but you need to specify the alloy. Also, what level of detail do you need? Are they requiring that you give a welding schedule and a step by step description of the modification procedure?
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    Thank you very much for replying.

    My hull material is Mild steel but i dont what particular grade and im not being asked for a particular grade, just mild steel. Im not being asked for any types of schedule or a time frame for the project, more just about how il go about modifing the tanks and then i need to add all my calculations

    First of all my project is alot simpler than you are probably thinking. Basically il be doing it in stages. I need to modify each tank but not to an extremely detailed level. All i have to do is calculate the amount of steel needed (Just your average Mild Steel no particular grades) but im having problems calculating this because the hull curves. I dont no how to measure how much steel will be needed to go round the curve. If it was a square box it would be easy but the curvature as thrown me off and im not sure how to calculate this.
    After i manage to calculate the amount of steel i need for the inside of the tanks i then need to calculate the new tank capacitys. Once this is done for all 4 tanks i then need to do all the new stability calculations for the added steel.

    Please note im not asking or going to ask anyone to do this project for me, but i'd really appreciate all the help i can get as im only 19 years old and im very unexperienced when it comes to any type of architecture.
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