My first winter with a moored boat, Advice?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Nicole Lemon, Sep 26, 2018.

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    I am a new "big" boat owner and I have a 1977 28' cabin cruiser that stays moored in the water year round. It has a single engine Volvo Penta on a Ford 302. My husband and I are also the type of people who like to take a cruise out in the sound on a clear day in winter. My question is, does anyone have any tips on what I can or need to do through the PNW cold winters to keep my boat in good running condition? I dont want to completely winterize it since we do want to be able to take a trip out during the winter. We just spent alot of money getting this boat running in top form. Id like to keep it that way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Pictures are to help with and advice
    20180915_160024.jpg 20180915_160409.jpg 20180915_160432.jpg
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    Is it going to live there in that covered slip? I imagine you should be good as long as you make sure to establish a good prep and post trip routine (make a checklist) like open and close the engine cooling passages and drain whatever fresh/gray/black water tanks you have onboard. If you have shore power available a trickle charger does nicely for also keeping batteries from getting freeze damage.
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    Snow load.
    Freezing damage.
    Circulation and ventilation inside.
    Battery conditioner (not a trickle charger).
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    Get a dehumidifier, the compressor type that also provides a bit of heat. Open all interior doors, lockers, etc, but close the boat up tight.
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