My cruising centerboarder

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Gvidon, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Re the Barbican 33, there is a detailed description with lots of photos on Yachtsnet -
    Barbican 33 archive details - Yachtsnet Ltd. online UK yacht brokers - yacht brokerage and boat sales
    She was available with either a centerboard (which does not intrude into the accommodation) or bilge keels.

    The Atlantic Clipper 36 shares the same hull form, but is very different in every other aspect.
    Atlantic Clipper 36 for sale - first launched 1998 - Yachtsnet Ltd. online UK yacht brokers - yacht brokerage and boat sales

    And some basic info about her on Sailboat Data - - BARBICAN 33 Sailboat
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    Thanks for passing that on bajansailor. Now that Atlantic Clipper 36 is a floating cabin if I've ever seen one. That's quite a design change. I would think the Barbican 33 would handle better especially in stronger winds.

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    As regard Jeanneau and within your budget, you can have a look at the Sun Fizz model, 651 were built 1980 to 1986, in fin keel version (draft 1,95 m) but also some (few, I am afraid) in keel-centerboard version (draft 1,35 m / 2,15 m), here is the technical data of the keel-centerboard version and 10 offers from ~ 25 KEuros, inc. one with lifting keel (at 55 KEuros unfortunately) :
    Sun Fizz keel and centerboard (Jeanneau) sailboat specifications and details on
    Used JEANNEAU SUN FIZZ boats for sale - Band of Boats
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