my actual uni. project: a 60 footer

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    Hi again,

    right now I'm in the middle of a design for the university. It's a 60 footer, a flush deck.

    Anyway, I just wanted to show you how it looks at the moment. I'm posting a dgw file with the lines, which has a text with the main dimensions (from Maxsurf).

    The design changes everyday, since I don't have definitive dimensions, I mean, for example the Cp is too low at the moment, so everything keeps on changing to achieve the desired one.

    The keel that you see in the drawing is just an approximation (in size). The position was the desired one until yesterday, with yesterday's sail plan. Since I've modified the hull, the keel position will be wrong, so don't pay attention to that.

    I hope to get some comments/advice on this one.

    Thanks to everyone

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