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Multipurpose work boat/harbor tug 49ft

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mojito, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Mojito Junior Member

    [​IMG][/URL] [​IMG][/IMG]

    As you can see it is currently still under construction and can be sold as is or when completed. (Located İn Turkey)
    Price for Tug: (Completed) 350,000 Euro

    Price for Tug: (As Is) 150,000 Euro

    Technical Details
    Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
    Length Over All: 14.80 m 49 feet
    Length B. P. 14.10 m 46 feet
    Beam: 5.10 m
    Depth: 2.80 m
    Draft: 1.60 m
    Displacement: ( Full ) 52 Tonnes
    Displacement: ( Light ) 44.5 Tonnes
    Bollard pull: 8 tonnes
    Maximum speed: 10.5 knots
    Cruising speed: 9 knots
    Range: 600 nm
    Fuel capacity: 4,100 Liters 1,083 gallons
    Freshwater capacity 2,000 Liters 528 gallons
    Hydraulic equipment: optional
    Radar: O. K
    Depth Sounder: O. K
    Radios: optional
    Satcom: optional
    Compass: O. K
    GPS: O. K
    Winches: optional
    Crew Cabins: 1 at Starboard ( Captain ), 1at Portside (2 seamen),
    1 WC + Bath, 1 galley inside wheelhouse
    Construction material: Steel ( marine grade ST 52 )
    Steel thickness: Bottom : 7 mm(0.27 in) /side boards 6 mm (0.24 in) / Deck : 6 mm (0.24 in).
    Frames: NP 120 x 7 Total 14 frames / 3 of are Watertight bulkheads / 5 mm (0.20). Thickness and made of ST 52 ), Frames arrayed at every 600 mm (24 in).

    Main Engine
    Make/Model: SCANIA / D112 59 M 10 45J with TWINDISC 5091 DC 4,17 : 1
    Power: 261 kw x 2 350 hp x 2

    2 x 1.020 mm (0.040 in). Ä°n Kort Nozzle
    Make/Model: Cummins 4. BT 3.9 G2
    Power: 44 Kva

    Feel free to pm me...
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