Multiple boats bound together

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by kroberts, Apr 11, 2017.

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    My wife and I love to fish. We love backwaters, and we also love canoing on rivers. I live practically on the Missouri River, the upper part where the current isn't crazy.

    We're foster parents. The number of children we have varies, as does their age and ability.

    I'm curious if it's feasible or advisable to connect multiple canoes or kayaks together into a multi-hull craft. Either through a solid outrigger setup or simple tethers. I think a tether would probably be more risky than an outrigger, but I can imagine where either could be a handicap.

    The river is often less than a foot deep with sand bars, and often quite deep. I live near a large dam, the deepest part I know of on that side is 250 feet deep. I might tackle fishing there alone or with my wife in kayaks but would not take kids. Where I'm thinking of this is either on stock ponds or on the downstream side, or even some other river more tame.

    When fishing I love fishing stock dams and shorelines, I like pan fish and Northern Pike. Both of those hug the shore in larger water.

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    Canoes are easy to lash together, and makes them more stable. You can use a couple of poles lashed to the crossbars.
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