Multihulls magazine goes bankrupt

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by brian eiland, Jun 16, 2010.

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    By IBI Magazine

    Multihulls magazine in the US has suspended the publication of both Multihulls and The Power of Multihulls for economic reasons.

    The magazines' operation stopped at the end of October 2009. In December, the company filed for bankruptcy in the Federal Court in Boston, which was finalised on February 22, 2010.

    Based in Quincy, Massachusetts, Multihulls magazine has reported on multihull news for over 35 years. The magazine was present in 105 countries and claimed to be the oldest and most widely read multihull publication in the catamaran/multihulls industry.

    The magazine focused on sailing multihulls, whereas The Power of Multihulls focused specifically on power.

    (16 June 2010)
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  3. CatBuilder

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    Well, that's odd. With the popularity of multihulls, I wonder where they went wrong? The owner was a nice guy - spoke to him directly a couple times. Maybe he was too nice.
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    I don't think Charles Chiodi was a "Nice Guy" in that sense. He was a very astute business man, His was the original Multihulls magazine, but faced growing competion from the French and Australian Multihulls magazines.
    Jame Wharram accused Chiodi of abandoning the grass roots multihull sailors in favour of the rich "Top end", --and I guess he was right.
    When the recession hit the interest in the "Gunboat" classes evaporated and so did his magazines circulation. :rolleyes:
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    I have to agree with you Old Sailor. I liked the magazine but when they started getting away from the owner builds and went to the production condomarans it lost its appeal. I let my subscription run out after he panned all the older designers in an editorial "Dick Newick, what has he done lately ?" I couldn't see the sense in alienating any readership, while the gunboats bought ads it is the people who buy the magazine that keep it afloat. No audience= no ads. Ironically the grass roots do it yourself approach makes more sense in the current economy. Intelligent articles about design versus interior decor etc.....It seems a good business approach would have been to cover everybody.
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    That's a shame, but not unexpected. When I first subscribed, over 30 years ago, the pages were full of stuff that interested me-- smaller home-made boats. When I resubscribed last year, there was nothing but stuff about condocats. Very disappointing.

    Maybe Chiodi can make a little money by putting all the back issues on disk. I'd buy that collection.
  7. apex1

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    Gawd what a loss...........

    ... happy I never bought a single issue. Would have been guilty not to buy the second...

    My friend had a very professional boat yard, doing wooden classics. They went bankrup too..... a real loss for the boat world.

    Go away, what is it worth to tell us that a idiot failed in his own business?


    losses are part of the business, stand it or fail....

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    I had subscribed on and off since the early 80s and to power multihulls since its inception,for me, i treasure my early issues from before the glossy pages, there was much more interesting stuff going on in the early years.
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    Never saw a single issue - except via internet.... just paged thru the latest local boat mag - all large and nasty condomarans. There was a wharram ad.... what other options are obvious to people? None unless they really search. What does the consumer want? What can the consumer afford? What is the reality versus the profit margin and the builder living well ? Who is really buying catamarans?
    There's a monohull for EVERYONE - can the same be said for cats?
    I still havent found what i'm looking for..... u2?
  10. Milan
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    I quite like that yellow cat on the front page. I guess length at about 12 - 13meters, yet low windage superstructure without standing headroom on the bridge deck. Bridge deck cabin roof is one arc, all the way to the gunwells – that is strong, rigid, light and easy to build structure. Bridgedeck with enough clearance above water – no slamming. Narrow hulls…

    That’s more or less how I think offshore cruising cat should look.
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    WTH?????? They just charged me 19.95

    They just charged me 19.95 for the digital version and I havn't gotten it yet. I thought because I bought July/August. Now I wonder, but they did charge my card.
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    Funny thing about your issue, in the old days when I got the mag it was always running about 7 months behind the cover date!

  15. oldsailor7
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    I have phoned the number shown for the Australian Rep. four times in the last 24 hrs but the phone is never answered. :?:
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