Multihull anchor tips?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Red Dwarf, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Can anyone direct me to some good books or sites that give tips and instructions for anchoring a multihull in various scenarios and sea conditions?

    I am early in the design of a cat and I want to be sure I include whatever is needed for the unique anchoring requirements of a catamaran.

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    Corley epoxy coated

    You might like to read about the experiences of the owner of the cruising catamaran "exit only". They started out with a cqr anchor then went to an anchor called a beugel and found it gave much more reliable holding. They also post over on the multihulls4us forum if you want to contact them for more details.
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    I found that anchoring off center kept the boat from sailing or swinging.
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    I used a "bridle", the length of each part of it was about centerline to centerline of the hulls(so you can bring the anchor line to the bow of each hull if you want), at the middle of it was a figure of eight knot tied into both "legs", into a small loop left was a hefty spring hook, I'd clip this hook to another figure of eight knot tied "on the bight" into the anchor line at the required scope. Worked for me for years. Jeff.
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    offset anchor roller

    Gonzo is correct. Offset the anchor roller by as little as 200 mm from the centre line and this will stop the boat sailing around the anchor. Jeff's system of a bridle also works wonders, because you can adjust the angle of pull.

    I actually set up twin rollers with a 40lb Plow on one side and a lighter plow on the other on a 30' cat, With the larger anchor, I never had any trouble even in major wind gusts


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