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  1. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Previous Member

    there are many ways, pneumatic, etc
    here is a really simple way for VDO using 3 senders one gauge and one 4 position switch
    the switch was supplied BEP marine
    I made the diagram easy to read and I do not have elect symbols to hand for Rhino I have only sketched in one of the reds from sender, others are same

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  2. Frosty

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    I used an on-off-on switch for a 2 tank water system years ago, still working fine.

    Even included a red and green port and stb LED indicators.

    The wife monitors water on the boat --its not my job , --she has her own switch board in the galley.
  3. Submarine Tom

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    What's your point?

  4. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Previous Member

    i beg your parden? you may not care to know, but tis a question I have been asked many times
    It is an info forum? right?or is your--point-- to pick, ? good day to you
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    No Dean it isnt. Some one will generally come and ask a question ,--we all then discuss possible answers.

    You posted an answer before a question.

    Tom asked what was your point, perhaps you wanted to clarify something?
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    Yes, definitely nothing at all wrong with sharing something you're working on or something you've done that works well for you - thank you. But since most of the posts here are questions or looking for input, and since the first post seemed so clear cut, I think he was wondering if you were looking for feedback or if there was a direction you would like a discussion to develop.
  7. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Dean your wiring diagram is not very good. If you want someone to follow this then what is the one red wire going to one of the senders for,--I assume the 3 things marked N are senders.

    There is a black wire that appears to go no where from the sw. There is only 2 wires in DC, you have one going to neg bus and one to pos,-- what is the other?
  8. Submarine Tom

    Submarine Tom Previous Member


    I meant no offence, I simply didn't understand what the point of your post was. To me it lacked context.

    I'm happy for your achievement and good day to you too 'eh.


  9. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Previous Member

    alright Frosty and Tom, I altered the dwg in a hurry, I,ll look at it once more each sender has one wire to neg side sw and one to pos side switch. One wire G on gauge goes to breaker, (red) one wire Bl on gauge to bus neg and the pos on gauge plus to switch. The other Bl from switch to bus neg also.
    I need some basic symbols, like one to Cross a wire with, you know an upside down U, as it is now I have to go round the long way with circuits as there is no way to break them.
    I am no great fan of VDO the senders take forever to fit
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